Becoming a mystery shopper – Are there enough secret shopping jobs in Sydney?

Did you get those junk mails about becoming a mystery shopper? Did they tell you about getting paid for what you eat, what you shop and what you normally do? Are you intrigued after reading such mails? If answered yes, you should stop to test its legitimacy. There are certain ins and outs of being a mystery shopper in Sydney. You may read on the concerns of this article to know more on mystery shoppers.


Becoming a mystery shopper in Sydney


Yes, it’s true that there are large numbers of mystery shopping jobs Sydney but before you take the plunge, you need to make sure that you’re not making the wrong choice. Here are some steps to follow in order to become a mystery shopper.


  • Do enough research: Mystery shopping or secret shopping is actually a field that is full of illegitimate companies that are trying to take undue advantage of honest people. If you can do a bit of internet research, you can easily get a grasp of whether or not the companies are legitimate.
  • Always have another source of income: There are very few people who are only mystery shoppers. If you think of earning your livelihood from being a mystery shopper, you’re probably expecting too much out of this job. Make sure you have an alternative source of income. The amount of gigs that you get won’t only depend on your availability but also the number of shops in the program and the number of secret shoppers in your area.
  • Sign up with a legitimate company: If you wish to make enough money, you need to sign up with loads of such companies. It is always better to start off with companies that are members of the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition or the IMSC, the only Mystery shopper owned and managed association.


Different mystery shopping programs


The highly trained and experienced team of mystery shoppers can determine what you wish to know about your business and then report back to you. Most of them cater to a wide range of Australian industries and sectors and they can help you understand what your customers are thinking.


  • You come to know how staffs are treating their customers
  • You come to know whether or not staffs are following the sales procedures
  • You come to know what staffs do when you’re not around
  • You come to know if your promotions are being referred to
  • You come to know the presentation of the store


Mystery shopping services allow you to find out what the customer thinks at all main customer touch points like:


  • In person audits
  • Email audits
  • Telephone audits
  • Website audits
  • Social media audits and
  • Computer audits


Hence, if you’re looking for mystery shopping jobs in Sydney, you can search in Google to get a number of answers. Be a mystery shopper to know the details about the trade, that too secretly. However, before joining with a mystery shopping company, ensure that they have your best interests in mind.

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