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Sales conferences are traditionally one of the few occasions when a nationwide, even international, sales force gets together. They may be annual or coincide with a new product; they may be a way to get feedback and comment from the sales team while reviewing the previous period’s performance. Whatever the specific reason, such conferences are a very valuable way for the company to ensure its staff is both involved in the business and able to leave the event with renewed motivation.

In most business sectors, trading conditions have been difficult until fairly recently. Companies have had to adapt to a shrinking market in many cases but consumer confidence has been returning in the last couple of years so there should be a few more smiles on the faces gathering for a conference.

Personalised Location

The location for such a conference will often be somewhere central for those travelling rather than the headquarters of the business. It will mean that the venue will need to be properly prepared with all the things required. Often political conferences use seaside resorts that have plenty of accommodation nearby; this is because of the size of the event and the number of delegates involved. You may not have a conference on a similar scale but accommodation availability will need to be a consideration.

A conference room needs to have basic features such as a stage with a lectern, plenty of seating and usually a projector and screen. Wi-Fi is taken as read. It should also be personalised using pull up banners in the company colours. They are an effective means of ensuring that everyone in the room can see and associate with the company and the reason for attendance.


While the content of the conference is the most important aspect, there is certainly no harm in making a visual impact on the people attending. It can be done easily and with minimal cost. It is important to find the right supplier and then talk to them about what is on offer. There are always different qualities in any product and it is worth finding out the differences, both in material and cost, before making a decision. Good banners can always be properly stored and used time and again unless they are printed with a specific message for a specific time. It is surely worth investing in good quality.


Delegates arriving for a sales conference will see it as a chance to express themselves personally rather than through email or other electronic channels which have become the regular form of communication. There is still no substitute for face to face discussion, and at the end of the conference the company will hope that as delegates leave they take with them a company message that will motivate them to sell even better in the coming months, with consumer confidence expanding the market.

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