B2B Best Marketing Strategies

How to promote businesses in B2B and generate new leads? Luckily, in 21 century, there are a lot of ways to market different companies successfully without too much effort and money. Here are some popular tactics for marketing B2B organizations, including various strategies from emails to social media.

Use emotions when advertising

We all know that with the B2C segment, it is better to influence the customer with emotions, use personal experience and make ads more humanized. Unlike common opinion, in B2B, it is also relevant to use emotions in ads. Although businesses spend more time making decisions and usually use logic as the basis, there are still individuals operating those businesses. And there is no better way to affect a person rather than evoke the right emotion.

In a B2B context, you can focus on leadership, power, confidence, and development. Instead of selling and aggressively promoting services, try to inspire business owners and motivate them.


In B2B, researchers and analysts usually do a great job researching information. This is a considerable process during which you can help organizations find data about you and support their decision.

This way, companies can stay on top, show their expertise, and beat competitors.

Do not simply use random keywords, but work on the keyword funnels. The keyword funnels are used for keyword categorization and to define the relationships between them and users of search engines.

Funnels allow dividing keywords into general terms and more specific ones.

With keyword funneling, you can identify a particular need for a search for the users needing specific information. The keywords can be divided into three levels:

  • Top-of-funnel keywords. Such keywords are usually used in how-tos and help identify customers’ pains. These are the search requests customers start looking for the solution with.
  • Middle-of-funnel keywords. At this stage, people get more educated so that you can include those keywords in more strategic materials focused on your services or products.
  • Bottom-of-funnel keywords. And finally, keywords with the focus on what the customer exactly wants.

Use email nurture campaigns

Email campaigns are a very effective tool in B2B marketing. Not only you can build relationships with potential customers and turn leads into paying clients, but you can stay connected with actual customers.

The first recommendation is to use nurture campaigns. They are based on the customers’ behavior. In other words, such emails will be sent out to the users considering their interaction with the company’s website or previous emails. For example, if the user has opened your last letter, then you can send an email with a more specific offer. Or you can send a follow-up with similar information if the user hasn’t opened the email.

Nurture email campaigns are perfect for B2B marketing. They educate prospects and help build strong relationships by providing more personalized content.

Use your campaigns to remind prospects about the problem they have and the solution you offer.

Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the number one social channel for B2B marketing for many obvious reasons. The social platform can be used in many ways to attract new leads, create awareness and promote the product or service.

  • Try running LinkedIn ads. The main advantage here is profile targeting, which allows you to specify your ads for a specific audience and thus get more involvement.
  • To use targeting more efficiently, check out LinkedIn Website Demographics. This tool helps analyze the traffic on your website. This data can be used for audience segmentation and analysis of the users’ conversion behavior.
  • Create more posts and articles. Moreover, use a combination of them. Articles stay on your forever and can appear on Google, while you can promote the expert article on the platform through short posts.
  • Use automation to boost LinkedIn activity. Posting and communicating on social platforms is time-consuming. But with a LinkedIn automation tool, such as Linked Helper, you can optimize many processes. You can create auto-replies, send personalized messages to dozens of users simultaneously, make hundreds of connections, build automated sales funnels, and import data to built-in CRM.
  • Ask employees to share content on their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn proves that the content shared by employees gets more engagement. So encourage your team to be more active on the social platform and grow the network.


The online world and digital tools make building solid and effective B2B marketing strategies very easy. With these simple tactics, you can quickly sell even concrete. But more importantly, this affects both sales and the brand in general, promoting it and raising awareness.


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