How to avoid getting wrinkles

As you progress through your 30s, you slowly become more self-aware that you are getting older. Every morning, many of us obsessively check the mirror for signs of that first wrinkle. To be clear, this isn’t a healthy habit, as stressing over this inevitability will only hasten its occurrence.

On the other hand, there are constructive things you can do to slow down their appearance. Follow the tips below, and your friends will be asking you what Fountain of Youth you have been drinking from ten years down the road.

1) Apply topical creams

There are plenty of creams on the market that contain compounds that help stave off the development of wrinkles and that can help hide them when they inevitably appear.

Jeunesse Global is one such maker of these products. They have recorded record sales on their products in recent years, as their treatments have helped countless folks conceal unsightly wrinkles.

If you wish to join them, find products that contain additives such as alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoids, and topical vitamins like C & K.

There are many others that can help you, but by doing your own research, you will be able to better understand their impact on your skin.

2) Stay out of the sun

As good as the sun feels when it is beaming down upon us, know that it is harmful to be chronically exposed to it.

Every time you soak up the rays in your favorite sun lounger, the ultraviolet radiation you are exposed to does damage to your DNA, causing new skin to come back slightly rougher than before.

Eventually, the damage gets to a point where your skin begins to produce wrinkles. As a result, it is imperative that you limit or avoid your exposure to the sun during peak UV hours, usually between 10 am and 3 pm.

When you do have to expose yourself, apply sunscreen that has a rating of at least 15 SPF, as this will won’t just protect against wrinkles, but against the risk of skin cancer as well.

3) Quit smoking

Damage to skin cells doesn’t just occur when you are out in the midday sun – every time you light up a cigarette, your body is being flooded with a compound that acts to undermine the vitality of your skin.

It breaks down the collagen and elastin in the face of habitual smokers, who have been found to have skin 40% thinner and more wrinkled than peers the same age as them.

4) Sleep well

Ever wonder how new parents suddenly start sprouting gray hairs and wrinkles like crazy just a few years into being a Mom or Dad?

Stress and a lack of sleep has a lot to do with that, as both of these triggers can lead to a build up of cortisol in your system.

This compound acts to break down skin cells, leading to premature aging. On the other hand, if you can find a way to get more rest, you’ll produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps to keep your skin thick and elastic.

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