Audit Your Business with a Mystery Shopper

Audit Your Business with a Mystery Shopper

Successful companies became successful because they looked for ways of improving their customer service. There are several excellent ways of measuring the performance of your business, but to get the most benefit you need impartial input.
And that’s where mystery shopping companies can help significantly. The assessment given by their shoppers helps you measure your quality of service and collect targeted information about your products and services. Information detailed in the resulting report enables you to address areas of weakness and strengthen your brand.

The idea of using covert consumers to assess businesses was first introduced in the 1940’s and widely used in retail. In the modern age, practically all business and industry types use these companies because the evaluation is critical for the improvement of their enterprise.

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping, also referred to as secret shopping, involves an unknown agent attending your business premises posing as a customer. The covert consumer has a pre-determined list of questions to ask and things they are assigned to evaluate which will be packaged to you in a detailed report at a later date.

As a business owner or service provider you will be unaware of the time or the date that these shoppers will attend your premises. However, they will have a pre-determined agenda which will be the focus of the report. This differs from one business to the next, but the retail mystery shopping reports will tackle the following:

• how long it takes to be greeted
• speed of service
• cleanliness of the location
• employee compliance with company standards (dress code, name tags, knowledge and helpfulness, etc)
• whether specific service is offered
• whether special offers are appealing
• whether signage is placed appropriately
Why use a mystery shopper?

This type of shopping provides research that has been conducted by regular shoppers with guidance tools that are specifically formulated to your business. They give you unique perspectives from consumers based around specific data that allows businesses to measure, monitor and analyse the customer service standards of their employees and store as a whole.

Consumer survey’s give you a list of actionable results that can be used to address the shopping experience in your establishment in order to improve customer satisfaction, retain consumers, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales. You can also use the results of the survey to identify any gaps in the experience customers have in your place of business.

These companies can really make a difference to the success of your enterprise which is why the concept has survived more than sixty years. Take advantage of the wealth of information you can learn from mystery shopping surveys and you can guarantee your customer service will improve your brand and business will go from strength to strength.

About the Realise Group
The Realise Group specialise in mystery shopping programs that allow you to measure operational standards and are proven to enhance your brand name. Their mystery shoppers have been trained to gather information that is vital to the development and sustainability of your business thus giving you an insight into what real customers think about your business.

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