Are Data And Compliance Issues Keeping You Up At Night? Rest Easy With These Simple Solutions

Problematic issues with data and compliance can cause unrest. It’s little wonder as these are extremely important parts of your business that need to be taken seriously, and can land you in deep water if they’re not handled properly.
If this sounds like a familiar situation, one that is keeping you awake at night through worry and stress, take a few minutes to read these simple solutions. Take them on board and you’ll soon be falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.



As a business, it is both important and a requirement that your data is kept safe. The Data Protection Act 1998 states that documents and vital information are kept secure, and to lose or damage files could be seen as a criminal offence. The last thing you want is for private and important company, employee or client information to become public knowledge, particularly as your company name will be muddied if you become enthralled in a court case due to this.


One of the most efficient ways to keep your data safe is through companies that you know will provide high-level security for your documents, such as Kelly’s Data Storage. These companies will ensure your data is protected but also accessible to those who require it. It will be delivered and collected in purpose-built protective cases that you can load, seal and catalogue before they are stored.

Whilst in storage, your documents will be controlled through a secure online management system, protected by alarm monitoring, temperature and humidity controlled environments and state of the art fire protection and suppression systems.This means that your data is secure from the moment it leaves your hands until the moment it is back in them.


Not being complaint can have serious consequences for your business. But do not fear – you have already started to sort out any compliance issues by keeping your data safe in storage. Which is important particularly with new data protection regulations looming, which could see nine figure fines if compliance isn’t adhered to. But there are also several simple solutions to ensure that you are and you remain compliant.

  • First of all where possible, obtain consent before acquiring, holding or using data. This is particularly important when it comes to sensitive data.
  • Then make sure you keep the documents for as long as you are required to, but likewise do not keep them for longer than is necessary.
  • Regularly check your data and make sure it is kept as up-to-date as possible.
  • Ensure you know who has access to the data and that it is only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • As well as storing your data you can also create an electronic version and back-up copies of any documents that you wish.
  • Most importantly, keep up-to-date with compliance and ensure that you are making any changes necessary to ensure that you remain in alignment with regulations.

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