Animated videos are the most effective marketing tool – Few reasons

So, do you have a small business running where you’re desperately looking forward to invest some kind of cost-effective strategy or technique? It is true that there are lots of ways in which you can invest your budget wisely but here in this post, we are going to show you a single method which will work wonders for all your marketing campaigns and not only increase your brand visibility but also your sales. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take off 5 minutes to heal all your marketing woes with the help of an animated video.

Reasons why all businesses need videos

It’s no more a secret that videos are becoming the most effective and powerful form of marketing for most online businesses. So, if you’re still someone who doesn’t know about the usefulness of video, here are few you may consider.

  • Videos boost conversion rates: As per a study by Spiel Creative, shoppers who checked out videos before making a purchase were 175% more likely to buy a product.
  • Videos enhance the SEO of your site: Videos improve the search engine ranking of your website as most of the bigger search engines give more importance to those pages which include videos. Pages with videos will more likely get valuable backlinks.
  • Videos boost customer satisfaction: Videos are easy and hence it helps customers to comprehend the products and services. It is also seen that customers who watch videos are less likely to get back to the website and lodge complaints.

Animated videos – The best form of video to use

Now that the animated videos have gained enough momentum, you must be wondering the reason behind their popularity. So, what are the reasons?

  • They’re attention-grabbing and eye-catching

Animation videos use bright colors, simple lines and continuous movements to keep the attention of the viewer glued to the screen. People automatically want to watch such videos and this is the reason why babies love cartoons.

  • They appeal to everyone

Unlike the normal human actors, animation hasn’t got any race, real age or nationality. With the internet gradually becoming a global marketplace, you would want your videos to be appealing all sorts of people.

  • They can be used for any service, product or topic

You might think that animation is not serious enough for few specific uses but animation makes a really difficult topic indeed interesting and accessible. You can consider the film ‘Argo’ which won the Oscars and how they used animation sequences to introduce history and politics of Iran.

  • They are extremely professional

As online videos are gaining momentum, the internet is also being flooded with homemade and poor-quality videos. As anybody and everybody can’t make animated videos, they have automatically become a sign of substance and reliability.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the reasons behind leveraging animation videos to your business website, SEO would undoubtedly be the foremost concern. Who wouldn’t want to invest in such a small yet effective thing and in return, achieve a rank higher than its competitors?

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