The Advantages of Perimeter Alarms

How do you stop thieves even entering your business premises? The answer is – with a perimeter alarm system.

First line of defence

Perimeter alarms are probably the most effective system to deter thieves and prevent intrusions into the property. The sensors are strategically located in exterior locations of the protected building to warn if there are intruders around.

The detectors are used to deter thieves and prevent possible intrusions. In addition, they give many advantages for their small extra cost. Perimeter alarms are designed to capture changes in temperature, movement and presence that interfere with the light beams emitted by the sensors.

Thanks to this technology, they detect any intruder less than ten metres from the property activating the alarm that alerts those inside and the security company. An exterior siren can be installed to alert any potential thieves to flee.

Intelligent security solution

The best perimeter detectors can capture photographs or videos from the moment of the intrusion to send them immediately to the central monitoring station and activate the action protocol in case of an intrusion. In most cases, it is a deterrent.

Having a perimeter alarm is always an intelligent decision since it is the most effective method to deter thieves and to avoid possible thefts.

Businesses are high-value targets for thieves

Most property thefts occur in companies, and yet many do not have a security alarm. More than half of thefts are in shops open to the public, and the rest in industrial warehouses, offices and other buildings.

The more obstacles there are to theft, the harder it will be for criminals to achieve it or they will have less time for it. That is why it is very important that you install a security system. Thieves prefer unprotected businesses.

Do not hesitate to dedicate the necessary budget to security; installing security doors, investing in an alarm for the business, protecting windows with bars, and bollards, and much more.

No room for complacency

Companies can be endangered both when open and closed, and theft can do a lot of damage to the financial well-being of a business, as well as being a danger to customers and employees.

Thieves are perfecting their techniques with key impressions, bumping, frequency inhibitors and many more methods, to enter a business without suspicion, even sometimes having people in the business (inside job). You have to create a safe and secure environment to protect the economy of the business and the people within it.

But what are the main benefits of a security alarm for a business?

Experts in providing security services in Oxford explain the main benefits:

  • It has a deterrent effect, preventing thieves from entering protected businesses if they have other easier options.

  • It offers greater protection, due to the time in which the police appear, as it does not give thieves time to act.

  • The peace of mind that comes from having the business protected all day every day of the year.

  • It makes it possible for you to control and keep track of the exits and entrances to your business premises.

Is your business secure? Consulting experts in commercial security solutions regarding your specific security needs can help ensure your business is properly protected, along with your employees, customers, and visitors to your premises.

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