A guide to Australia business travel

Australia is a beautiful country, home to picturesque beaches, laidback coffee shops, world-class restaurants and plenty of green, natural spaces. There are, however, a few things that you should know before embarking on a business trip to Australia. Follow these top tips for a seamless visit…


Check visa requirements


It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on staying for five days or five weeks, you will need to obtain a valid visa for entering the country. You can apply for visas including the eVisitor visa, visitor visa and Electronic Travel Authority visa if you’re staying as a tourist. For work and study there are different requirements and you will need to find out the correct visa for your stay. The government website details all the information you need for your business trip.


Plan your transport


The last thing you want is to step off the plane with no idea how you’re going to reach your destination. While Australia does run a good public transport system including trams, buses and ferries, you might want to look into rental cars for your stay. If you’re attending important meetings, relying on public transport can become stressful. Compare the best rates on cars before you head off to find yourself a deal and be safe in the knowledge that a vehicle will be waiting with your name on it.


Be mindful of quarantine laws


You need to know that Australia takes quarantine laws and rules very seriously. On your arrival into the country, you will need to declare any plant material, animal products and food in order to ensure nothing out of the ordinary is being brought into the country. Australia is free from various pests and diseases and they plan on keeping it that way. Don’t try and hide anything, if you get found out then you’ll be landed with a hefty fine and telling off.


Pack for the weather


Australia is a vast country and because of this the climate can vary greatly from region to region. Summers are generally very hot and not to be underestimated. Avoid heatstroke, dehydration and sunburn which could ruin your trip altogether. No one wants to sit in a meeting with a bright red face, so be sure to pack plenty of suntan lotion (SPF 50 will be required) and light, breezy clothing.


Internet can be unpredictable


When heading to Australia for business, be prepared for slow and expensive internet. If you need to connect to WiFi your best bet is to head to a nearby hotel or café but the connection can still be somewhat unpredictable. If you need to stay connected for the duration of your trip, then it might be worth unlocking your phone before you leave home and picking up a Telestra pay as you go sim. This is the best network for coverage even in some of the more remote areas in Australia.

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