A Future In Mobile Betting

Mobile gaming is certainly looking like the future of what gaming will become – the demographic has shifted from young male teens to an older generation with a disposable income – with this the opportunity for publishers to make more from these mobile games continues to grow, alongside the huge ad revenue that they also generate. Social media is also a huge consideration into why mobile gaming has found the user base it has – with integration into the popular social media platforms, sharing and encouraging friends to join in has been instrumental in why the market has continued to grow – but at the heart of this growth, online casinos and betting services capture a growing audience each year.

The mobile gaming market will reach an estimated value of $165 million in 2020, there are initiatives set forward to slow growing concerns in a number of ways such as the Gamstop initiative within the UK which aims to stop problem gamblers from being able to access services within the country, but there are a number of drawbacks as shortcomings have been found within the system and more and more sites not on gamstop begin to register outside of the UK to avoid having to join the initiative which as of April this year was moved from a voluntary registration for operators to a mandatory requirement or be at risk of losing your gaming license – it’s clear to see why so many operators were eager to move offshore.

(Image from the BBC)

During the current coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns issued across many countries, mobile betting and casino use has found a surge of use as traffic has spiked whilst many look for alternative ways to spend their time – the most recent success of this can be found with the UFC 249 event that took place this weekend – following a lot of cancellations and postponements for sporting events, this UFC event had been the biggest to take place since March and the numbers show it as many betting services are suggesting that this may be the most bet event they have on record in recent history – this is all testament to how far mobile betting platforms and mobile casinos have grown since their early inception.

Lockdown measures are looking to be lifted across Europe and America – slowly steps are being taken to return to some level of normalcy and with this the reopening of businesses across the world – one area that many may look toward as a sign of change may be within the brick and mortar betting locations, and whether or not those who would traditional frequent the physical locations may now begin to change to the mobile alternatives full time. Within the UK at least it has already been announced that these may be among the last locations to fully re-open, perhaps not even being possible until after July and still with social distancing measures in place once they do re-open, with this further challenges are posed on whether or not these physical locations can even remain open with a massively reduced capacity.

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