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HP Latex printers

When thinking about the kind of printing you want for a new sign, there is a new kind of printing you may want to consider. Latex printing is the best way to create vivid colored signs that are affordable and that do not cause harm to the environment. For a conscientious individual who cares about the planet and other people, Latex printing is the perfect solution for advertising that had a great marketing impact without impacting the ecosystem. 

HP Latex printers 300x171 A Better Way to PrintWhat is Latex Printing?

Latex Printing was created in 2008 and released world-wide in 2010. It is a water-based alternative to solvent ink technologies which save money, time, energy, and saves employees working with the printers as well as the end users of the graphics from being exposed to the VOC emissions of solvent ink. Since 2008, more than 15,000 HP Latex printers alone have been shipped around the globe and this number is expected to triple in the next four years.

What is Latex Ink?

Latex inks are pigmented, water-based inks using aqueous-dispersed polymer (“latex”) technology. The liquid contains other substances, such as moisturizers and humidifiers that keep the color in the ink and the ink on the medium being printed.

What are the Benefits of Latex Printing?


When purchasing an ethical product, it is important to think about the staff members who will handle the products you will be purchasing. In the days of solvent ink, employees would have to be exposed to harmful smells and airborne chemicals. Latex printing is odorless and does not release any toxic fumes into the air. Odorless printing is also for you as the consumer because signs held in enclosed areas like lobbies, will not smell of solvent. Which in the case of solvent prints can outgas for months after the graphics are installed. These water-based inks are also nonflammable and noncombustible which increases safety.  For graphics that are to be installed in hospitals, and other health sensitive areas, latex ink is the only option in most cases and is specified by most architects for this reason.


As mentioned before, Latex Inks do not require hazard-warning labels and contain no hazardous air pollutants. There is no need for costly ventilation equipment or even an external dryer system (which reduces the cost of printing and makes signs cheaper for those in the market for quality signs at a reasonable price). This also keeps energy costs down which reduces the use of our natural resources. Latex printers also include a recycle program through their manufacturers’ free take-back programs. The Latex signs you buy will not harm the environment, they are fully recyclable, and their energy saving techniques will save you the extra cost.


Latex Inks provide a scratch resistance that is equivalent to that of the traditional hard-solvent inks. Latex-printed media is ideal for applications like retail displays, outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics and interior décor, which are more susceptible to wear.

Color Lasts

Latex Ink’s solutions ensure consistent image quality while also printing at high speeds. The bright colors you expect to see in your advertisements will last longer, and withstand harsher conditions such as UV and weathering exposure.


Latex print technology increases production capacity that enables printing companies to supply a higher volume of customers and meet tight deadlines. Prints that are to be laminated can be processed immediately after leaving the printer, solvent systems require a 12 to 24 hour outgassing period before lamination can be applied, which means you get your high quality graphics and signs on time, with very little required lead time.


Because Latex Printers print faster, use less energy, create less environmental hazards, and last longer, they cost you much less in the long run. Latex Printing is an excellent choice for wide and super-wide applications such as event banners, business signs, transit signage, and other outdoor applications as well as for high-quality, indoor signage and art reproduction.

Written by Dallas Digital Signs, a company providing customers with outstanding quality sign and graphic solutions that will increase the visibility and positive impression of their business image.

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