8 Tricky Tips to Entice People to your Exhibition Stand

We all know that making a trade show is an effective marketing plan for businesses. Whether it’s just a small and simple show or an extravagant occasion, planning some perks or an event during an exhibit can be extremely helpful when you are finding leads and new business opportunities. However, in a trade show, the higher attendees you have, the more opportunities you’ll get. Thus, you have to make sure that you can attract a big crowd. Luckily, you can instantly increase your attendees with these 8 tricky tips to entice people to your exhibition stand:

  1. Include Games

Having raffle prizes, quizzes, and mini games will engage people to participate in your exhibit. What’s amazing is that you can also advertise your brandon your giveaways and freebies by placing your logos on them.

  1. Notify a Publication Staff

The right publication team can assist you with promoting your incoming exhibit. Hiring writers and advertisers will build a momentum and excite the people until your exhibition day arrives.

  1. Provide Free Wi-Fi

Not only will this help attract people to gather around your exhibit, but this will also make advertising easier since people will naturally share the information.

  1. Attend Exhibits and Shows

By attending other trade shows, you can gather enough information and apply your learning to your advantage. See what type of trade exhibit will work on your products and services. You can also try visiting ExpoMarketing. Here, you can find the ideal exhibit that will work for you.

  1. Beat your Competitors

Research is the key when you want to beat your competitors. It means that you’ll have to check on the latest trade shows that you competitors have done. Once you’ve gathered enough information, find ways to make a more eye-catching exhibit. Will you hire a mascot? Should you get performers? Do you have to print banners?

  1. Offer a Comfortable Surrounding

Exhibits can be exhausting, so it’s a nice gesture if you will give attendees a comfortable place to relax. Offer comfy seats, free drinks, some snacks, or a booth where they could charge their phone batteries.

  1. Hire Influencers

People will never turn down an event when big stars, bloggers, oronline personalities are present in the scene. This is an excellent publicity stunt that will surely increase the number of your attendees since influencers are great at advertising a brand and people are more likely to believe in them.

  1. Contact Existing Customers

Not only will they surely attend your exhibit, but it’s also possible that they will bring in new attendees with them as well. Contacting them will definitely save you more money and effort.

According to statistics, a company designates 31% of their marketing budget towards exhibits. Thus, if you are planning one, maximize this budget and apply these tips to increase your traction. You will surely appreciate how something this simple can already do great wonders in your trade shows.

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