8 Tips to Becoming a Great Manager

Running your own business is not easy because there are so many things that need to be done. But even with all the work you need to do, you must know how to be a great manager; if you are not a great manager, then the business will not improve and your employees will not be as enthusiastic; a less enthusiastic workforce will mean a less productive workforce. So here are some tips on how to be a fantastic manager.

1.       Show an interest in your employees

Your employees will appreciate the fact that they are actually a person to you and not just a number. If you could just take a few minutes every so often to ask your employees how they are, then your relationship with employees will be a lot stronger.

2.       Treat all employees equally

You cannot show that you have a favourite employee, even if you do, because the other employees will not like this. If you give one person a bonus, then everyone needs to receive a bonus, otherwise there will be some problems around the office; unless of course, the person that is receiving the bonus specifically deserves it.

3.       Always be happy to help

Even if you are busy, you should still be enthusiastic to help your employees. Not only is this for their benefit, it is for your benefit as well; if they do not know how to do something and you do not help, then you may wish you had helped later on!

4.       Let your employees make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, even you will make mistakes every now and then; it is inevitable. By letting your employees make mistakes, they will be learning at the same time and they will be thankful that you have not made a big deal about it because this would be fairly embarrassing for them.

5.       Let everyone know how the business is doing

Don’t keep everyone in the dark about how the business is doing because employees do want to know. If the business is doing well, then everyone will be proud that they have done something right.

6.       Praise good work

If an employee does perform well, then don’t be afraid to praise them. This will prompt more great work from everyone. More great work means an improving business.

7.       Don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism

There is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism, so make sure you are aware of that. Criticism will not always be taken the right way, whereas constructive criticism will be taken better. Do not just tell the employee everything they are doing wrong, mention things they are doing right as well.

8.       Admit to your own mistakes

You need to remember that you are allowed to make mistakes, so do not be afraid to admit when you have been wrong. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you are open and honest about these things.

If you are aiming to create a successful business, then becoming a great manager is an essential part of this process. You will get further in your industry if you have a loyal workforce and you know what you are doing. Becoming a great manager will not only be beneficial to the business, it will also be beneficial to your employees.


About the Author: Ericka Bergeson is a business coach who trains business owners on how to run their business. She recommends taking a look at www.dnslimited.co.uk if you want to increase office efficiency.

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