8 Side Business Ideas for Busy People

If your day job isn’t cutting it when it comes to keeping up with your expenses, it might be time to consider adding more income rather than simply trimming expenses. However, if you’re extremely busy with your own business or other obligations, that might not seem possible. Thankfully, there are several side jobs that you can begin that don’t take too much time or effort at all. They might be just the thing your bank account needs to keep up with the bills.


1. Invest in Real Estate


There are several side options for real estate investments, including flipping properties, landlording, and real estate marketing. Investing in property can take a lot of time or very little time, depending on how you go about it. A rental property, for example, can easily be handed over to a property manager once you find a profitable investment. For a small fee, they’ll take care of the landlording part while you enjoy the income.


2. DIY Business


If you love making things with your hands, you may have found the perfect business opportunity. People are willing to pay good money for handmade items they don’t have to make themselves. Whether you’re an amateur at pottery or you enjoy refinishing furniture, you can take your handmade creations and sell them for a great price.


3. Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is a huge market right now, both in a professional business setting and as an informal blogger. Many websites pay guest writers, for example, to write an informative post about a specialty. So if you’re the chief executive in marketing at your company, many websites that specialize in that niche will welcome your input, and pay top dollar for your words.


4. Tutoring


For a highly satisfying job that could help you earn great money on the side, consider tutoring. Many students of all ages struggle with a variety of subjects, including foreign languages, reading, math, science, and grammar. If you’ve always been a whiz in a particular subject, put that knowledge to good use with an advertisement on Craigslist, and begin doing some good for somebody else while expanding your pocketbook.


5. Use Your Talents


You can make good money off of your talents if you market them well. If you’re great at sewing, begin a small tailoring business. If you’re good in the kitchen, set up a side catering job. If you’ve always been great at public speaking, do a few speaking gigs. Your talents can be much more than just a hobby if you utilize them correctly.


6. Consider Direct Selling


Have you heard of businesses such as Mary Kay, It Works, Thrive, Avon, and Vivint? These are individual companies that make their profits through a process known as direct selling, which foregoes traditional marketing techniques and uses people who make commission off their sales. Direct selling isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a knack for sales, it might just be for you. Many people are so successful at direct selling that they make a full time job out of it.


7. Sell Old Junk


Hold a physical or online yard sale to get rid of old junk and treasures. You can also open an account and sell things on eBay. Once you’ve sold all your junk, consider reselling items. Find items in good condition at pawn shops or thrift stores, clean them up, and sell them again for a higher value. This can be quite a lucrative hobby if you can get into it.


8. Consult


Small businesses and startups are always looking for a side consultant to help them out with projects. If you have a skill in a particular area, such as marketing, SEO, finances, or project management, use that skill to help others and get paid in the process.

You probably have a lot more to offer to the world than you think, and if you can harness your talents and abilities to do some good in an area you enjoy, you’ll make that extra bit of cash you need to stay afloat.

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