7 Marketing Tricks to Help You Nail The Next Trade Show

You’ve conducted your research on trade shows and identified the one that is appropriate for your specific marketing goals. Beside this, you have it all planned out. You know the theme for your booth and what potential customers want. But before you let your plans roll out, you have to make sure to put the word out there.

This is where marketing comes in. If you pick the proper marketing techniques and time them right, your next trade show attendance can turn into a huge success. This is why we have decided to share with you 7 marketing tricks that will help you nail the next trade show.

Leverage The Power of the PPC

Online marketing is a great option today, but there are so many methods to choose from. Which one is the best for advertising your next trade show visit? Pay per click advertising is definitely the one that offers the biggest bang for your buck and promises good results in short periods of time.

What should you target with your PPC campaign? Since you are going to visit a trade show, it would be wise to consider discounts and special offers during the event. You can create designated landing pages for these offers and advertise them via PPC. Beside marketing your next trade show visit, you will also increase your website traffic and increase you brand awareness.

Use Custom Trade Booth Design

Custom trade booth design is nothing new in the trade show industry, but thanks to the new printing methods and new materials, you can make your trade booth even more attractive than it was last year.

We suggest that you launch a survey on your social media profile and ask your customers what they would like to see this year. This is practically a win-win situation – first, you will show them that you care and value their opinion, and secondly, you will already start your advertising by informing them about your next trade show participation.

Spark It up With Dimensional Letters

Your brand consists of several very important parts. One of the most important, if not the most important one, is your company name. You have to make sure that it stands out during the trade show. But how do you get that much-needed graphic and professional edge on your competitors?

You should consider dimensional letters and logos, or if you want 3D letters and logos. Dimensional signs are a trend this year and the chances are that your competitors will be using them as well. This is why you have to get yours designed and crafted by experienced professionals. Add that level of professionalism and catch the attention of your target audience.

Use Tablet Stands

Don’t neglect the fact that we are hooked on smart devices. Everyone has a smartphone in a pocket today. If you want to cater to the most modern needs of your customer base, you have to consider employing a tablet stand. It would be a nice thing to learn a thing or two about your customers, so that you’ll know whether to put an iPad or an Android device on the stand.

The best option is to put two stands out there, carrying both types of device. Your customers will be able to watch videos of your products in action, check out the features of your software product or get familiarized with your other services.

See If Custom Flooring is Allowed

This is something you will have to check in advance, because custom trade show flooring is not allowed on all trade shows, simply because of the spacing limitations. If it is allowed, then you can be sure that this incredible branding solution will bring more customers to your booth and delight them at the same time.

You can choose either interlocking floor panels with a smooth vinyl finish or carpet rolls. The material is in the background here, the texture and the print are what matters. The engaging colors and shapes will make everyone want to at least come and check your booth out. Seize this opportunity to engage them in conversation and introduce them to your brand.

Organize a Contest

A contest is another marketing trick to help you attract more people to your booth. The application for your contest can easily turn into the best leads qualification survey – another win-win situation. At the same time, you will attract more people to your booth and learn where they are in the customer journey.

Trade show contests provide otherwise expensive means to learn such specific things about your potential customers. Seize this opportunity and use the data you gather to improve your services, products and custom-tailor your future marketing efforts.

Engage More People With Social Media

If you want your next trade show appearance to be success, you mustn’t neglect social media marketing. Identify the platform where your target audience hangs out and leverage paid social media marketing to start building a follower base.

Paid social media marketing is not an expensive effort – if you provide a good enough incentive for people to follow you, such as a discount or special offer, you can build a significant social media follower base. Don’t forget to engage them with “On-booth selfie with the most likes wins a special price” posts to keep the buzz about your next trade show attendance alive as long as possible.

Social media is a great platform to ask for feedback as well. Organize a poll or a survey and ask people what they liked or didn’t like and what they would like to see the next time when you showcase your business products and services.

If you use any of the above-mentioned marketing tricks, you will increase the odds of your next trade show participation being a complete success. As you can see, while appearances are very important for this success, i.e. things such as dimensional letters and custom flooring, there are other marketing efforts that should not be neglected – especially PPC advertising and social media marketing.

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