7 Best Law Schools Around the Globe

A law degree is the envy of many upstanding college undergraduates. Lucky for these promising lawmakers, there are quite a few credible law university colleges that are top-notch not just in their program, but also in their international programs that accept students from across the globe. Here is a list of seven universities that you can set your sights on to further your law degree aspirations.

Harvard Law School

As one of the professional graduate schools under Harvard University, it supports multiple research programs and allows their students including their alumni access to aid in receiving careers both in private and public practices. Harvard Law School is one of the few universities that have health services and health insurance fees included in their tuition. In one of the more versatile universities in the USA, Harvard Law is a place where you can bet your tuition money’s worth that you’ve got your schooling and living amenities covered.

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Second in this list is the University of Pennsylvania law school, built way back in 1850. One of the school’s strongest points is in highlighting public service while enabling opportunities for graduates to land jobs in prestigious law firms.

Schulich School of Law

This law school, located at Dalhousie University in Canada, is considered the oldest among the university-based common law schools with its roots dating back to 1883. Schulich School of Law’s strong point is in housing flexible programs and specialisations while at the same time allowing direct, practical, and clinical experience for its students.

Osgoode Hall Law School

If you’re looking to scout other law universities in Toronto, you can point your search towards Osgoode Hall Law School, ranked consistently as one of the top-ranked law schools in Canada. Besides Law degrees, Osgood Hall Law School has some PhD and LLM degrees for extended schooling.

University of Oxford

In the UK, one of its oldest universities is the University of Oxford, founded in 1096. As a collegiate research university, it offers programs and degrees to over 22,000 students every year. With a good fraction of their students representing international students from over 140 countries worldwide, the University of Oxford showcases a diverse and intuitive learning environment.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)

In partnership with the International Chodiev Foundation, MGIMO is one of a handful of universities that offer worldwide reach regarding scholarship grants. With over 1,000 of their yearly 6,000 student body population coming from abroad for the chance to study in Moscow. With over 70 years to its name, it has a variety of Masters programs and degrees including International Trade Law, EU Law and Financial Law to name a few.

University of Melbourne

From across the other side of the world from Russia, The University of Melbourne in Australia is one of the relativelyold institutions, founded back in 1853. The university offers a wide selection of undergraduate degrees in nearly 100 fields of study. Its campus welcomes up to 50,000 students every school year.

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