6 Creative Ways to Thank Your Clients and Customers

It’s Christmas, and you want to thank your special customers for their loyalty. Or you just want to say thank you to clients for attending an event that you hosted. What’s the best way to do this? By doing something memorable, not too over-the-top, and something relatively inexpensive, particularly if you are thanking a lot of people. Take a look at these tips for creative ways to express your business appreciation.

1. Say It With Chocolate

Chocolate is ideal as a client and customer thank you gift. Everyone loves chocolate (well, almost everyone.) It is also an inexpensive product to buy in bulk and you can get personalised chocolate that make the gift extra special. Why not spell out your client’s name and thank you in chocolate letters? Or send a generic thank you spelled out in chocolate, attached to a handwritten note.

2. Write a Note

Hardly anyone sends handwritten letters nowadays, which means your thank you note will really stand out. Just make sure that it is well-written, legible, and on a lovely card or piece of paper. Make your message meaningful and not generic or otherwise you might as well send an email.

3. Send a Personal Gift

The most effective way to say thanks is to find out what your client or customer likes, and tailor a small gift to these interests. It really shows that you are listening to someone when you remember what they have said and gifted them something that shows your interest.

4. Make it a Learning Experience

A business thank you gift does not have to be an object. You can thank customers with something valuable for their business, like an exclusive whitepaper or an e-course that will help them progress in their business.

5. Gift a Book

There are certain books that are highly influential in business, or on a personal level. If something has touched you or helped you make big changes in your business then pay it forward and send a copy of the book as a thank you gift.

6. Go for a Coffee

And don’t forget the simple way to say thanks – a catch up over coffee in your favourite spot. Or go all out with a nice meal somewhere they choose. You can discuss the coming year over food and drink. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best when it comes to saying thank you.

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