5 Ways to Promote Your New Online Publication


With the advent of blogging platforms, online publication truly became open and accessible for all. This meant that virtually anyone with a computer and Internet access could start up a blog and bring content to a worldwide audience.

However, the text and media you post online won’t go anywhere or do anything unless they reach the right audience. Smart online publications know the value of promotions and marketing planning. In fact, they’re able to generate interest in their content before it even appears online.

These websites often use a combination of aggressive social media campaigns, email newsletters, and digital advertising to place their brand image in the forefront of readers’ minds. In a nutshell, they use the following five strategies.

1. Polish your design

People often judge websites based on appearance. Once your style sheets load, prospective readers will make a snap judgment about whether they want to continue looking at the site.

Your publication’s brand image and graphics must be polished to avoid high bounce rates. Work with your web design team to create compelling and consistent landing pages. Your publication can promote itself by being easy on the eyes and user-friendly.

2. Brand your social media accounts

Many publications neglect to brand their social media profiles. These accounts can be customized to an extent; they’ll allow you to insert your organization’s logo, brand colors, and promotional links.

For example, when you log into Twitter and click on “Edit Profile,” you can control the background image and profile avatar that your Twitter followers will see. Your publication should exert stylistic control wherever it can.

When it comes to Facebook pages, your organization doesn’t have many style options to choose from. However, be sure to fill in your publication profile, including primary website URL, contact information, and address (if applicable).

This information will make it easier for readers and contributors to contact you and give feedback on your site. The same attention to detail should apply to your LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other social media accounts.

3. Create gripping content

If you’re a new publication, the best way to gain a following is by creating interesting and helpful content.

Think of the headlines that divert your attention away from whatever you’re doing. That’s the response you’re aiming for. When it comes to online publications, you want to compel people to click away from their current webpage and find your publication.

You can do this by writing engaging headlines, recruiting guest writers who have large social media followings, and circulating your publication in the right circles.

4. Start a newsletter

Newsletters give you the power to connect with audiences outside of social media. In many ways, email can be more successful than social media campaigns. You’re able to reach people directly through their inboxes, which are usually checked more frequently than social media accounts.

Emails feel like more personalized communications, so you can encourage people to respond or check out your links. This personal connection is something social media tends to lack.

If you tweet about a new issue or blog post, it’s highly unlikely that others will notice it in their rushing Twitter feeds. If you can craft an email message with a gripping subject line, however, then people will follow your publication where it leads them.

5. Track metrics, repeat success

It can be impossible to tell which promotional tactics work best without tracking metrics. Use A/B testing during your email campaigns, and learn which messages attract the most clicks and publication visits.

Install analytics tools on your website and match traffic jumps to your social media posts. When you notice spikes in traffic, clicks, and conversion rates, then you can replicate those successful efforts.

Marketing and promotional growth don’t just happen overnight. Your online publication will draw readers and recognition as you release gripping content and newsletters. The designs on your social media profiles and website should succinctly convey your brand image.


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