5 Tips for Revamping Your Office On a Budget

With a new year comes new opportunities and new ideas. Now is the perfect time to give your office space a new look to help spark some creativity and excitement in your work. Redoing your office space will make you more organized, more efficient, and ready to take on bigger and better things in 2014.



Making your office a more productive space


Changing your surroundings is just one easy way to boost your creativity, so redecorating your office will not only make your work seem more professional and organized, but it will actually enable you to do better work from start to finish. Here are just a few ideas on how to make your office somewhere you actually want to spend time in, all while sticking to a budget.


Rearrange what you already have: By simply rearranging the furniture in your office, you can give the space an entirely new feel without actually buying anything. Utilize natural light by positioning your desk and chairs around windows (the more you can emphasize the windows in a room, the more open it will feel and it will seem like you have more space than you actually do).


Tackle your electronics: Between your computer, extra monitors, chargers, speakers, lights, router, and any other electronics you have in your office, you probably have a huge mess of cords to deal with. Organizing those cords instead of letting them be a tangled mess behind your desk will make your life a lot easier next time you have to unplug and untangle something.


Invest in organization: If you’re going to put money into redoing your office, you should make it count. Buying items that get you organized, like a new shelf or filing cabinet, will make your office cleaner, more professional, and it will make your life a lot easier later on. Also, don’t forget to take the time to organize your digital files as well as all of that paper piling up on your desk. Investing in cloud storage or some other digital storage system is the best way to be able to locate files quickly and easily and keep them secure.


Change the room entirely with a new coat of paint: You might find that all your office needs is a new color scheme (and investing in a couple cans of paint is a lot better than buying new furniture or decorations). When you’re choosing a new color, you might want to look into the psychology of colors to help you choose since color can have a large effect on how you feel. Painting your office blue, for instance, can give the space a calming effect and even encourage creativity, while painting you office yellow would likely boost your energy and happiness. That kind of subliminal psychology is something to keep in mind when you’re choosing colors for things like your business’ logo and website as well, since different colors give off different messages.


Save on new office furniture: Items like your desk, chairs, and any appliances you keep in your office like a fridge or microwave are all necessary for everyday use but they can get to be pretty expensive if you’re buying them new. However, if you buy scratch and dent items, you can get everything you need for your office brand new at a great discount with just a few cosmetic problems that you won’t even be able to notice.


If you’re still looking for decorating ideas, sites like Pinterest, Instructables, and CraftGawker or DwellingGawker are all great resources for DIY inspiration and easy to follow instructions. Decorating on a budget might be a longer process, but it’s worth it in the end when you see how much money you can save and how great your office will look because of your hard work.


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