5 Tips To Bridge The Worldwide Distance on a Festival

So, you share a great bond with your brother and you both are best of friends, partners in crime and each other’s evil half. He is there with you through thick and thin and you never fail to lend him a helping hand when he needs to sneak out of the house for a late night party. That’s how special your bond is with him.

The only hurdle: Distance

That’s pretty sad! He has moved to some other city or maybe you have and things have quite changed as you both don’t get to talk that often. But how do think you could bridge the gap? Especially, if it the occasion of Rakshabandhan which you hate to celebrate being miles away from each other, what’s the solution?

Here are some foolproof ways to celebrate Rakshabandhan despite being cities away. Take the guide:

  1. Video Chat

On Rakshabandhan, get in touch with him via internet. Celebrate Rakhi together on a video chat while you both have sweets together and exchange Rakhi wishes. Despite being far, he is sure to feel your presence to see you live through internet.

  1. E-Rakhi

Well, of course you can’t tie Rakhi on his wrist from kilometres away. But you always have an option to send rakhi gifts to India online from worldwide or any other city wherever he resides. Online market being flushed with great assortment of decorative Rakhis, pick the type that could express your emotion best.

  1. Surprise Gifts

While your brother is staying miles away oblivious of the surprise you are planning for him, it’s time to plan the perfect surprise for him by way of some heart warming Rakhi hampers. He is sure to feel you near to have such amazing tokens of love delivered to him.

  1. Surprise Visit

We understand it is hard for you to take time out to go and meet your brother who is miles away. Still, a surprise visit would be a great idea to express the strength of your bond with him. While he is living in another city, surprise him by reaching to his place on the day of Rakshabandhan.

  1. A Heartfelt Social Post

While you don’t really express your emotions on this Rakhi to him that often or never at all, a collage of pictures with a long heartfelt message across your social handles describing the little moments you both have spent together is a great option to move him.

So this Rakshabandhan, bridge the gap with these amazing ideas and create memories for a long time to come.

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