5 Steps to Creating an Effective SEO Brisbane Strategy

After running your business for some time, you may already be familiar with SEO and what it brings to the table. The problem, however, is that getting started may prove more difficult than you’d initially think. It’s not all about building a website, publishing high-quality posts, and amassing as many links as you can. The smallest of details can spell the difference between an effective and ineffective SEO strategy. If you want to take your SEO Brisbane to the next level, then be sure to follow these five steps.

1) Identify and understand your target audience

Many business owners set up a website using a content management system and then start posting about their products or services. This simple tactic may work, but you’ll give yourself a better shot at succeeding if you stop doing things blindly. By understanding your audience, you’ll have an easier time crafting the perfect content they need, which in turn, will bring in more sales. This may involve looking at the terms for which your competitors are ranking for and then figuring out how you can offer something fresh and relevant to your target audience.

2) Include rich media on your posts

It’s already 2018, and if all you have on your site are blocks of text, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise why your competition is enjoying more success. You should begin embracing visual content because it’s what online users love. The attention span of online users is notoriously short, so you must engage their attention within a few seconds upon arriving at your site. This can be done by including rich media on your posts such as photos, videos, GIFs, infographics, and podcasts. There’s the added bonus of sharing these visual content on various online platforms for extra exposure.

3) Check your on-page SEO

Ever heard that building links is all that matters to improve your organic rankings? There’s a good chance you answered yes. But taking this approach may do more harm than good. Before you even think about link building, first check your on-page SEO. This includes speeding up your page load speed, optimising site structure, and testing different layouts to see what works best. On-page SEO continues to be underrated, but making a few simple tweaks on the elements found on your website can make a huge difference.

4) Steer clear of low-quality links

In an attempt to rank as quickly as possible, many webmasters try to build thousands of links in one go using automated link building tools. You may see a positive effect over the short-term, but don’t be surprised if your website suddenly disappears on Google’s search index sooner rather than later. When building links, always prioritise quality over quantity. Be sure that the links pointing back to your site all come from relevant and authoritative sources.

5) Keep track of results

This step is something you should never take for granted. If you want nothing short of the best for your business, then you should learn how to monitor results. Take the time to learn how to use analytics tools which provide plenty of valuable information on your website’s performance such as number of visitors, engagement rates, and page load times. These various metrics can tell a lot about what works and what doesn’t in your SEO Brisbane strategy. Keep in mind that SEO requires constant tinkering if you want your website to reach the first page for your target keywords.

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