5 Reasons Why SMBs are Relying on Chatbots in 2018

Business organizations are quite careful when it comes to implementing new emerging software technologies. The main worries are in regards to ROI, onboarding, scalability and how the technology will resonate with their customers, prospects and leads.

When one technology in particular becomes widely adopted by SMBs, it has to be something that has great value and offers a variety of benefits. This is exactly what happened with chatbots. While there are other robotics companies out there, it could still take a while for these robotics companies to dominate our technology at once.

Here are 5 reasons why SMBs are relying on chatbots in 2018.

Chatbots Are Made Available

Usually, new technologies are quite expensive and businesses have to invest in employee training to put them to good use. WIth chatbots, this is not the case. Even though this tech is cutting-edge, it has become available to anyone who has internet access.

There are even chatbot vendors who offer top-notch free chatbots, and deep customization options. Businesses can now get their hands on, install and use a chatbot on several channels, with little technical knowledge by using platforms like SnatchBot. It’s one of the best chatbot platforms because they offer a user friendly environment with a good database of YouTube tutorials to help those that face this kind of task for the first time. Their omni-channel API allows easy bot implementation and this flexibility is what a lot of online businesses are looking for.

To make the process of implementation seamless, there are specialized ready-to-use chatbots that come with chatbot building templates. This proved to be very convenient for SMBs, who started to rely heavily on chatbots this year.

Chatbots Don’t Mind Repetitive Tasks

Chatbots are predominantly used in the customer service sector. Humans working in customer service departments are exposed to burnout, especially when there is a new product or service launch, or when tourist season is about to start. Human agents, overwhelmed with dozens of customers inquiries, are prone to making mistakes while juggling several tasks at the same time.

Chatbots, on the other hand, are tireless. Repetitive tasks and an increasing number of customer inquiries do not bother them. They can have conversations with hundreds, or even thousands of customers at the same time. And, this won’t reflect on their efficiency and the quality of service they provide. In other words, SMBs don’t love a free chatbot only because it is free, but because it helps them deliver a consistent level of service quality across multiple channels.

Chatbots Don’t Put Customers on Hold, Ever

When a prospect or lead desires to directly contact any business organization, chances are that they are missing a crucial piece of information to decide whether to make a purchase from you or not. If they are unable to reach someone, they will wander off to the next available competitor. This is why SMBs are on a constant lookout for a solution that will make their services available 24/7 throughout the year.

And, chatbot technology has exactly this to offer to SMBs. Maybe this is the reason why it is gaining so much traction this year. Chatbots are practically programmed robots. They do not know about work hours, unless you set them to turn off automatically, nor can they become tired of doing constant third shifts.

The same applies to being there for customers in distress. Nobody can ever know when a customer can experience a problem with your product or service. SMBs use chatbots to make their services available even for those customers who get frustrated in the middle of the night.

Instead of searching for the information online due to the unavailability of customer service, customers can now quickly get their issues resolved by a chatbot, which can surface relevant information in a matter of seconds.

They Reduce Operational Costs

Business are always looking for solutions to help them reduce their operational costs. These costs tend to exponentially rise when the business grows, especially if businesses want to maintain the quality of customer service even when the customer base has become significantly bigger. Not to mention all the costs for training new staff members and potential service downtime during the onboarding process.

Chatbots are very useful allies to businesses with open communication channels. Since chatbots are really easy to use and install, many SMBs have started using them to answer simple customer queries. The more complex issues are forwarded to human agents. This significantly reduces operational costs, since companies don’t have to hire or train new staff.

They Help Deliver Personalized Experience

To deliver a personalized experience, a customer support agent has to be really devoted to their calling, have access to customer relationship management software and the company’s knowledge base. And what is even more important, every agent can only focus on a certain amount of customers at a time.

Chatbots act like super brainiacs. Since they are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and they use databases to store any previous interaction with any customer, they can deliver a highly personalized experience.

Organizations are already using this data driven chatbot intuitiveness to push coupons and offers to their target audience with much better odds of capturing sales and generating profit.

These were just a few of the reasons why SMBs are relying on chatbots in 2018. Because there are many benefits related to using free chabot, we can safely assume that this trend will not just stay here till the end of 2018, but for many years to come.

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