5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer

There are some legal issues that do not necessitate the need for an attorney; however, in some circumstances, it is vital you hire an experienced lawyer to handle a legal dispute, deal or challenge.

What’s more, legal representation can sometimes help you handle sticky circumstances, such as a bitter divorce, DUI violation or the loss off a job. Here are five reasons why you might need to hire the services of a lawyer.

You Don’t Understand the Law

The law is complicated, to say the least. While you do have a right to self-representation, it is wise to hire a legal professional over embarking with a case on your own. Most experienced attorneys realise the importance of the right legal representation for their needs, which is why they very rarely represent themselves in court when required.

An experienced lawyer could have extensive experience in your field and state, so could effectively represent a case – or you could represent the case yourself only for it to fall apart. For example, an Oregon law firm specialising in divorce will have a greater understanding of divorce proceedings in Oregon, as well as the local processes, judges and common outcomes.

As stated, the law can be complicated, which is why you should consult a lawyer when starting a new business, because they can review any contracts and identify any potential legal issues you might face following the creation of a new company.

You are Uncertain of Your Future

You should not hesitate to contact an attorney if you are facing criminal charges or a civil case, because a failure to do so could cost you a lot more in the long-term. While attorney fees can be expensive, they can result in you staying out of jail or preventing you from losing a significant amount of money.

You Don’t Know How to Challenge Evidence

You might have a firm grasp on the law, but if you don’t know how to challenge or supress evidence then you may not stand a chance of winning a case without legal representation. Many people are unaware that a key piece of evidence might have been improperly obtained, or have the ability to spot contradictory statements from witnesses, but a talented lawyer will have all the legal knowledge and skill to effectively handle your case.

You Don’t Know How to File Court Documents

People without legal expertise will most likely struggle to meet any deadlines of follow protocol when filling in a variety of legal documents. For example, you could derail your case by simply filing a late or incorrect document.

You Don’t Know a Private Investigator

It takes time for an attorney to build a solid case, which is why many often rely on a variety of professionals to help provide the best outcome for your case, such as consulting with expert witnesses or private investigators. However, those without a legal background will not know the types of people who can help them challenge evidence or the testimony from the opposition.

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