5 Office Renovation Tips for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know that first impressions make a big difference. Likewise, you understand that you need to make wise business decisions that will have a positive return on your investments. If you are consideration renovating your small business office, be sure to consider these 5 tips for small business owners.

  1. Keep an open floor plan. Offices should flow smoothly and should mirror your office style. An open floor plan implies an open, communicative, collaborative work environment. Closed off, individual offices divide people from their co-workers. Instead, try to “break down walls” both literally and figuratively.
  2. Provide communal work areas where people can collaborate on projects. This will also promote a collaborative work style. These shared work spaces will encourage your employees to utilize the strengths and ideas of their fellow workers to achieve progress and develop success. This also gives a more laid back, comfortable style that people will appreciate in a professional setting.
  3. Ensure that your facility is handicap accessible and up to all legal codes. When doing any renovation, you always want to check and double check that your plans are up to code with the state and local laws. Work with experienced, qualified contractors and architects to see the project through from start to finish. Have wheelchair accessible ramps, large doors and elevators, as well as handrails among other additions.
  4. Discuss renovation ideas with your employees and managers. Getting feedback can help you make choices while considering the needs of your staff. While you cannot possibly please everyone completely, getting feedback can be valuable. You may discover a great new ideas from an employee’s suggestion. People will also feel that their voices are heard and appreciated within your small business. If you do integrate any of their ideas, they will feel an added sense of ownership of the office environment.
  5. Consider practicality. Often renovations are not just about aesthetics, but about how your business functions and operates. You may need to run more electrical wiring to host your office’s technology like computers or even lab equipment. Also, think about a practical floor plan for both clients and for employees. You may need to change the structure such as walls, doors and stairs to make the office space work.

If you are considering renovating your small business’ office, be sure to consider these renovation tips first to make sure you are well-informed and prepared. Implement an open floor plan, create collaborative team work spaces, make sure your plans are handicap accessible, ask for employee input, and make sure your changes are both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for your small business needs to make the most out of your time and monetary investment. Whether you own a crane business like Global Cranes or a dental office, considering these tips when preparing to renovate your office will help you to get the best results for a productive, successful work environment that all employees will appreciate and enjoy.

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