5 Of The Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns From 2015

When it comes to memorable marketing campaigns, 2015 has had a fair few. So besides ordering your next lot of business cards from Helloprint, it might be a good idea to take a look at these successful campaigns and take some inspiration from them for the future.



Sanitary wear brand Always hit the nail on the head when it came to their 2015 marketing campaign with a series of videos and adverts that caught the attention of numerous women who had felt the same way in their lives – being told they couldn’t do something because they ‘are a girl’.


The campaign attempts to highlight how girls lose self confidence during puberty, which of course links to their development and starting their periods thereby highlighting the brand’s product. It’s an uplifting, heartwarming marketing campaign that doesn’t throw the brand’s product in your face while it does it – the best marketing method.


Dominos easy order with emojis

When iOS revealed it was giving us a pizza emoji, Dominos in the US responded in the best way possible – by being able to order a pizza simply by tweeting or texting them the emoji. Of course you will need to set up an Easy Order account first with your card details, Twitter handle, phone number, home address and preferred pizza choice. It’s a marketing campaign that got people talking and everyone here in the UK wishing it would come into force.


WWF #lastselfie editorial

Featuring striking images of the faces of endangered animals close up WWF mixed modern concepts and an emotional message in this campaign. The non profit organisation utilised Snapchat to send out ‘selfies’ of endangered species that could only be viewed for a few seconds, encouraging those viewing it to take a snapshot to preserve the selfie forever.


This put forward the concept that these animals should continue existing to ensure more selfies can be taken and that they are disappearing as quickly as it takes for an image to disappear on the app. The campaign was a success, it eventually reached half of all Twitter users and helped the WWF reach their monthly donation target in three days, as well as numerous animal adoptions on the site.


Thierry Henry and Greatest Moments

You wouldn’t think Sky Sports or the Premier League needed any advertising but they still roped Thierry Henry into this clever campaign, cutting him into memorable moments from 23 years of the beautiful game. Starting with Sir Alex Ferguson’s joyous celebrations when Steve Bruce scored a very, very late injury time winner for Manchester United against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993 – so crucial in eventually securing the Premier League title – to some of the most iconic goals in the league’s history.


It includes Stan Collymore’s strike in Liverpool’s famous 4-3 over Newcastle, Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick against Manchester City, and Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal for City against QPR in 2012. Henry even appears alongside footage of himself, celebrating as part of the Arsenal Invincibles side of 2003-04. It’s a clever campaign that got people talking online, as it perfectly tapped into the nostalgia element that works so well when trying to connect with an audience.


Kleenex’s emotional ad campaign

Besides that horrible cold you always get around November, Kleenex is usually associated with wiping tears and that’s what they played upon in their marketing campaign in 2015 – but focused on tears of happiness.


The most memorable advert within their campaign is a tear jerker, which shares the story of a little puppy called Chance who had been left by the side of the road to die, after being hit by a car. He was left without the use of his back legs and was considered by many people who saw him at the shelter as broken or a burden but eventually he was chosen by Michael who lives each day in a wheelchair, as a companion. The pair share a common lifestyle and are now the best of friends – Chance even has his own little wheelchair so he can run around too! It’s an advert that brings tears to the eyes of even the most cold-hearted of viewers; watch the whole thing here.




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