5 Myths About Document Storage

Many businesses need to keep paper copies and records for compliance and regulatory purposes, or because they are in the process of going paper-free and still have paper documents remaining. Many companies still store their paper documents on site and are unaware that there is a more efficient and safer way to keep these copies safe. A service that provides secure off-site storage can bring many benefits to the average business with mountains of paper files. So why haven’t more businesses taken advantage of this specialist service? Here are some common myths about document storage and the truth about this valuable facility:

1. We Don’t Need Document Storage in Our Company

False – there are very few companies that will not benefit from off-site document storage. If you have paper files and records that are taking up space in the office, you need document storage. And putting your documents into the hands of a specialist means you have more space and time to devote to other areas of the business. Document storage is not, therefore, just for law firms or accountants.


2. Throwing Away Documents Is a Better Solution

Many people, when faced with a row of overflowing filing cabinets, decide that the solution is to throw away documents. However, this has a negative effect on the environment, and you also run the risk that you will dispose of something you later need. In addition, every business must be careful when throwing away paper documents for the risk of leaving valuable data or confidential information on the rubbish heap.

3. It’s a Waste to Store Out-of-Date Documents

If you only have a few paper documents to deal with, it is easy to know which ones are no longer needed. With thousands of documents, it is harder to decide. A specialist document storage facility can file and index documents so you know which ones are relevant. If there are non-relevant documents among those stored at the facility, they can be securely shredded and recycled.

4. My Documents Are Safer in the Office

Many people are suspicious of moving files and documents off site, believing it will make them less secure. However, the opposite it true – keeping files in the office puts them at risk of theft or destruction from weather events or fires. For more information about how secure document storage can keep your papers safer, click here.

5. I Won’t Be Able to Access My Files if They Are off Site

This is also not true. When you use a document storage service, you also sign up to the service for couriering and sending documents and boxes back to your office whenever you need them. In this way, you get the best of both worlds: access to files on demand and more free space in the office.

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