5 Great Collaboration Apps for Your Traveling Employees


Whether your business relies on remote workers, full- and part-time employees, or a combination of both, more and more of our labor is being performed while on the go. Mobility is an enormous consideration for today’s businesses, and represents a drastic upheaval from the traditional 9-to-5 workplace that characterized our parents’ generations.

The digital era has enabled more people to become road warriors — from customer service specialists to top executives. This means we’re increasingly having to on collaboration utilities and mobile apps to get our work done. Here are five of the best.

1. Google Drive

This is the tried-and-true standard for many businesses and traveling workers. Google Drive empowers teams to upload and store files on the cloud, work on document master drafts, and share documents with others.

A single file administrator can set sharing restrictions and privileges, so as to prevent unauthorized document access. You can also limit user activities by setting some accounts to “read only” and others to “read and write.”

The Google Drive app gives you the same flexibility as the browser-based desktop computer view; it allows you to access recent documents and folders. Your team can easily collaborate on spreadsheets and word processing documents with this free and user-friendly app.

2. Idea Flight

When you meet with employees in person, it can be easy to get everyone the same page with booklets or PowerPoint presentations. But what if your employees are scattered across the globe at a Cape Town accommodation or a conference in Shanghai? How are you supposed to get them to look at the same metrics and publications during an online meeting?

Idea Flight allows a team to follow along with an interactive presentation on their mobile device screens, watching while a leader turns the pages and presents on specific materials. Leaders can even offer these documents as a digital download within the app, so employees can refer to the publications later.

This is a great application to use during videoconferences. Idea Flight furnishes a great substitute for slideshows.

3. Huddle

What if you could blend the familiar interface of social media with private collaboration software? This is exactly what Huddle does: it allows users to work on content and task management, with built-in commenting systems, offline reading features, file approval processes, and notification systems.

The Huddle app system works best for teams that need to work together on photo and text content projects, such as website copy and blog articles.

4. Redbooth

Have you ever worked in an office that relied on Unified Communications? This app takes a similar approach to traveling employee connections. Redbooth provides a secure space for file sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, and task management, all within a single, centralized app.

Keep tabs on traveling employees’ workflows by examining their task statuses to see if they’re overdue, pending, planned, or resolved. Connect with remote office locations by inviting video conference participants and hosting impromptu conversations.

Users can choose to receive their updates as in-app push notifications or as emails.

5. Perch

This application builds a virtual portal between your headquarters, branch offices, remote workers, and traveling employees. Just mount a mobile device to your office wall.

Whenever you turn your head and make eye contact with your camera, you’ll be able to look into your colleague’s Cape Town accommodation and discuss work with that person. This always-on video platform is perfect for completing visual tasks, especially when your team members need to look over drafts and discuss topics face-to-face.

Companies that rely heavily on travel can close the distance between employees with video chat, task management, remote communications, and collaborative meeting apps. These solutions are build specifically with business interests in mind, and use security protocols to protect your work.

Don’t get left behind in the digital era: Check out these collaboration apps right away!


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