5 cool and handy gadgets for your iPhone

The neatest thing about owning and using an iPhone is the broad range of accessories you can connect to it. From external cameras made for hardcore Instagrammers to covers that also charge your mobile device, the diversity of such extras is truly daunting. We’ve come up with a list of five of the handiest gadgets that we have come across and that we believe you’d like, as well.

1. Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Using your smartphone when it’s freezing outside is an unpleasant experience. On the one hand, regular gloves do nothing when it comes to using the touchscreen feature of your device, and we all know that most such devices have this function.

If you want to protect both your hands and be able to reply to that urgent message you’ve just received, you can try these double layered touchscreen gloves. They’re available in several sizes and they feature an enhanced thermal insulation. What makes them a good fit for your iPhone is that they’ve been equipped with silicon grip dot patterns on the palms and silver-coated nylon fibers in the fabric they’re made of.

2. Any borescope that works with iOS

Whether you’re a tech aficionado or not, you’re likely to enjoy using this device. Some of the best borescopes for iPhone, or, as some people call them, endoscopes, are made to allow you to take a peek at spaces that are usually out of reach. If you’ve dropped your keys behind the furniture or you want to check on your air vents from time to time, this device is for you.

Not all models are made the same, though, which is why you need to pay attention to things like the camera resolution, the length of the cord, and whether or not they truly work with iOS devices. The software that comes with the product needs to be compatible with this operating system. Otherwise, it’s useless for you.

3. Deeper Fish Finder

If you like spending time outdoors and would like to go angling from time to time, maybe you’d like to try out a new fish finder. While older models came with a display of their own, these days those that can connect to your tablet, smartphone, or even laptop are to be preferred.

Deeper does just that, which is to say that its transducer uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone so that you can see what’s happening underwater. Plus, it’s way cheaper compared to other, more traditional models.

4. Kolibree

If you care about your dental hygiene and would like to keep tabs on how you clean your teeth every day, this product is for you. The Kolibree toothbrush can connect to your iOS device via an app that’s capable of interpreting both quantitative and qualitative info with regard to your brushing habits and those of the rest of your family.

5. The MicrobeScope

You can connect this portable, fixed-focus microscope to your iPhone and enjoy the sight of the many germs that surround us. Unlike many USB or wireless microscopes out there, this one can be used directly with the camera of your smartphone. Something else that makes it stand out from the crowd is its 800x magnification. With this device, you can take microscopic shots and video of anything you might have wanted to take a peek at.

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