5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Creative a More Productive Office Environment

Office Environment

Having a more productive office environment is the goal of many managers and employers. However, it can seem at times like you have reached an impasse, especially if you don’t have the budget to rearrange your office or to hire team motivators that can increase morale. However, most employers don’t realize that with a little resourcefulness and creativity, they can easily inspire employees and make their office fun again – without having to spend a fortune. When it comes down to it, you don’t need to pay for fancy lectures, you don’t need to purchase a brand new fleet of high tech computers and you don’t really have to move to a bigger office space. What you need is a simple: a different way of looking at things. Here are five cheap and easy ways to create a more productive office environment.

  1. Office Environment 5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Creative a More Productive Office EnvironmentHave an informal day. If you run an office where employees are required to adhere to a dress code – maybe it’s suits or maybe you require employees to wear a tie – it can start to feel quite stuffy and monotonous, especially after a whole week of work. It can also really drive morale into the dirt and it can put a huge pause on productivity. So, perhaps on one day of the week, you should allow employees to wear formal clothing – maybe a pajama day.
  2. Redecorate the break room. By decorating the break room, you can allow employees to have a fun, relaxing place to take their fifteen minute breaks and daily lunch break. There is a good chance that your break room is drab, colorless and filled with uncomfortable furniture. Perhaps you should paint the walls a brighter color, provide more comfortable chairs and more fun tables. Rearranging the break room is easy and affordable.
  3. Provide healthier food. Healthy food can go a really long way when you are trying to increase productivity in your workplace. There is a good chance that you have vending machines full of soda and candy. However, you should have healthier snacks, like organic chips that don’t have trans fat or too much sugar. You may also want to provide some fruits and vegetables. At the end of the day, your workers may simply be suffering from major sugar crashes everyday.
  4. Get rid of antiquated equipment. There is a good chance that your employees are suffering from a drop in productivity because their equipment is old and antiquated. For instance, if you have old, bulky fax machines, you may want to go with an online fax service. Why fax online and not with a fax machine? The reason is simple: it is easier and your employees can send more faxes. The same goes with other equipment in the office.
  5. Let there be light. When it comes down to it, it is amazing what a little sunlight can do to improve productivity. So, if you can open windows and let sunshine in – that is a great way to get workers’ juices flowing. Or you can have a mandatory daily meeting outside. Getting just thirty minutes a day of fresh sunlight has been known to greatly increase productivity.

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