4 Tips for Updating & Upgrading Your Website

Websites are not static. They change all the time based on a variety of factors. In fact, it can be quite jarring to see a website that hasn’t been updated or upgraded in several years. Web designs can begin to look dated very quickly. What’s more, businesses may choose to update their website with new information, new branded materials, or new features as they become available. Fortunately, it is possible to update and upgrade your website without upsetting continuity of service and adversely affecting the customer experience. Here are four tips that will help you out in this venture:

Plan Your Changes Strategically

There’s a reason why construction of roads and rails most often occurs late at night or on the weekends. In the same way, businesses should look to perform maintenance on their sites when traffic is at its lowest. Don’t try to make big changes to your ecommerce site during your busiest time of the year! Instead, pick opportune times to implement adjustments on your site.

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

When it comes to web content, “new” isn’t always better. Yes, many professionals successfully update old pieces of content with new and relevant information. That is absolutely a good strategy to follow. But make it a point to preserve your most effective pages as much as possible. You don’t want to alter the SEO performance of a page that’s driving a ton of traffic to your site if you can avoid it.

Test, Test, & Test Again

Regular website maintenance may not be glamorous, but it’s absolutely essential for most modern businesses. As such, prioritize the testing process and review all updates to your site thoroughly before they go live. The last thing you want is to deal with a problem that could’ve been caught in the editing process. Remember, consumers won’t be patient with your site if it doesn’t work, and few will give a business a second chance if they have difficulty navigating its site.

Talk to the Pros

Many professionals are capable of making minor adjustments to improve their company’s website from time to time. However, if you decide your site needs a full overhaul, then consider teaming up with web design professionals. They can ensure a smooth transition and prevent you from making any mistakes that could negatively affect your web presence.


Whether you run a massive international company like Greiner Bio-One or a small ecommerce startup, these tips will help you maintain a quality website for years to come. Keep them handy moving forward!


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