4 Tips for Choosing Great Software for Your Hair Salon Business

Owning a hair salon has given you the type of lifestyle that you love and appreciate and managing your own business has been a rewarding experience.  At times you may feel stressed and ready to pull out your hair but there are tools available today to make tracking your clients, their favourite styles, and their product preferences as easy as one, two, three.  By using the right software you can send emails about upcoming events at your salon, make online appointments with your clients, and keep records of the performance of your hairstylists for their information.  Let’s take a look at what you need in a software management program.




  1. The first decision that you should make is about what you need the software that you buy to do for you and your business.  Because the competition is fierce amongst salons today, the type of software that you purchase is critical to the success of your business.  It’s a good idea to make a list of the management needs that you have and look for a brand that fits most of your criteria.  Be sure to keep an ongoing list so that when improvements are made and offered to you, you’ll be ready to add to your software tools.
  2. The next point to consider is the safety and security of the software that you buy.  You’ll want to protect your clients’ sensitive information and have their appointments safe as well.  In today’s society with identity theft on the rise, assuring your clients that your software is safe will be paramount to the success that you have in using what you buy.  You should also ask about back-up plans for your information in case your own computer system crashes and loses the data that you have collected.
  3. The software that you buy should come with technical support that helps you through the process.  Make sure that the company from which you buy the software will provide you with assistance; a reputable company will furnish you with technical support free of charge.
  4. As you shop for hair salon software you’ll find most of the basic areas covered, but take your technical skills to a new level and check out the bells and whistles that may be included in your purchase.  Would your clients be interested in an iPhone app or enjoy the convenience of booking their appointments online?  There are many different software programs for you to consider and choosing the one that best suits your needs is one of the most important decisions that you’ll be making.

For example, an IPOS Salon Manager package allows you to track your clients’ appointments, how often they visit your salon, and their preferences and payments.  This can help you to offer customer service that leaves your competitors in the trail of your successful business.


Getting the most value for your money will be your primary goal and purchasing software that you will use on a regular basis is just as important.  Find the one that gives you attractive features at an affordable price and watch your customers come again and again to your salon for the exceptional attention that you provide to them.


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