4 SEO Mistakes That Are Still More Common Than They Should Be

There are countless articles that talk about search engine optimization on the internet and so many talk about the mistakes that are done by people that do not have high industry experience. Even if many of the articles talk about the same mistakes, people still make them. With this in mind, let’s look at the SEO mistakes that are now incredibly common although all specialists say that they should not be made.

Choosing Inappropriate Keywords

When you optimize any site your SEO campaign will revolve around keywords. When you choose wrong keywords it is obvious that the results are going to be a lot lower than what they could be. For instance, optimizing for a keyword like “call girl Paris” instead of “call girl” can create a huge difference in conversion rates in just around one month because of that little extra targeting that was added. Generally speaking, it is better to go for really specific keywords as opposed to the keywords that are general, even if they do seem better because of traffic stats.

Keyword Stuffing

Although this now mainly happens because of not realizing how Google counts the keywords as opposed to doing it willingly, which was popular in the past, it is still a common mistake that needs to be avoided. We often see the mistake appearing when the text is done and a review is done with the purpose of adding extra keywords or related keywords.

A basic rule of thumb to remember is that whenever the text seems unnatural as you read it out loud, you most likely stuffed too many keywords and some have to be eliminated. Also, it is normally better to add the target keywords in important parts of the text and then remove it from the actual content paragraphs than to add in content and not in parts like headings.

Content That Is Not Related To The Keywords

Oftentimes in an attempt to optimize for specific keywords the writer covers some topics that are not actually highly related. Every single SEO specialist out there will tell you that the priority is to create high quality content that is connected to the target keyword so that needs and questions the target audience has are answered.

Not Modifying Meta Descriptions And Title Tags

In the past the most important thing to consider was the different meta tags that were used by search engines to realize what the content was about. Now this changed and the meta tags are no longer that important but it is a mistake not to take them into account. The title tag and the meta description have to include the target keyword and the text that is chosen needs to be clickable. This basically means that it has to create a desire for the person that sees the search engine results to click. When these areas are not modified the CTR you get in search engines is much lower. Even if the site is ranked high for the very best possible keywords the traffic that comes in would be a lot lower than possible.

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