4 Reasons Why It Pays to Lease Printers in Oxford

Oxford businesses need to watch the costs. Without careful monitoring, expenses can mount significantly, making cash flow a problem since Oxford is not the cheapest place to rent an office or run a business. One expense many companies face is the cost of a printer. Printing equipment represents a significant financial outlay, particularly when the printer must handle speciality jobs or is used a lot. Leasing a printer offers an economical alternative that helps maintain cash flow while providing the equipment you need. Here are some reasons why printer leasing is preferable to buying.

1. Keep Up With Latest Technology

Printers are constantly updating and it is almost impossible to keep up with all the advances, unless you have a significantly large equipment budget. For many Oxford businesses, this is not the case so leasing a printer is the best option. This way you can time your lease period with how often you want to get new technology into the business. You benefit from an updated set of equipment so you stay current and competitive.

2. Keep Your Working Capital

Not all businesses in Oxford can afford the cost of a new printer, particularly when starting up or at a stage of expansion when capital is needed elsewhere. If you buy a printer with the help of a bank loan the interest is likely to be high and you will need a substantial down payment. Printer leasing Oxford solutions help you keep your working capital free for developing the business and represents a more cost effective alternative to a bank loan or credit card.

3. Plan Your Fixed Cost

There are no unknowns when you are leasing a printer. You have your monthly repayments which form part of your regular outgoings. You do not have to think about calculating for deprecation as the printer ages.

4. Cover Maintenance and Upgrades

When buying a printer you need to factor maintenance and other costs into the overall financial outlay because a printer is not going to be any use if it breaks down. When you are leasing a printer you do not have these unexpected costs. You can arrange a payment plan that includes maintenance as well as different kinds of hardware updates so the printer always runs efficiently. There may also be a deal where you can plan for the cost of ink and other accessories so these costs do not represent a surprise at the end of a month.

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