4 Online Businesses That Practically Run Themselves

Most people just don’t have the time or resources to stop working outside the home full-time and devote themselves to online businesses. As a result, the majority of digital entrepreneurs are splitting their hours between the office and their home-based businesses, trying to find a balance that allows them to pay their bills and make forward progress. You can learn a new lifestyle business today with the help of technology and an idea that is realistically executable. Check out the next four online businesses that you can start up quickly, make a profit, and automate in as little as a few weeks.

1. Selling E-books

Whether you are a talented photographer who wants to sell some of the images you’ve captured over the years or a real wordsmith with a knack for writing tantalizing stories, e-books are a huge online commodity. From self-help books on how to get over a bad breakup to collections of recipes, you can literally write about anything, put information together in a book, and sell it digitally to a limitless number of customers. Learn how to promote your e-books and each new release will net you thousands of dollars. Sub-contract out the writing to a ghost-writer and you’ll have even more time leftover for yourself.

2. Website Templates

Other business owners are always looking for a good design scheme for their new websites, so if you have programming experience or even an eye for color, selling website templates is another great online business idea. You can set up your own website and resell templates on a limited basis or find an online distributor who will market your designs for you. Offer some basic customization options and you’ll have a full queue of clients who want you to work on their website design projects. This is the type of online business that you can almost entirely run in your sleep.

3. Dropshipping

When you own an online store, you’re usually responsible for keeping all of the items you’re offering in stock, then boxing, labeling, and sending each order as it comes in. Tracking and fulfilling each online order takes time and energy, and you’re also responsible for reimbursing your customers if there’s a mix-up at the post office or you accidentally send the wrong order. Dropshipping works similarly, only you don’t need to send out orders to customers yourself. You just maintain the website, communicate with customers, and do everything you can to ensure that the experience goes smoothly.

4. Selling Websites

You don’t need to how to build websites or design them, but you will need to be a fairly astute online marketer. Selling websites entails finding a domain that has promise and building it until it is profitable or locating profitable websites that are already up and running. Websites can be sold at auction or sold to independent third parties.

Many online businesses require the same effort as full-time jobs, if not more. You can diversify your income streams by choosing online businesses that only require a small amount of upkeep. Have more time to yourself to come up with more technologically advanced business ideas and you can have an entire empire running on autopilot.

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