4 of the Most Popular YouTube Channel Genres

Youtube is an extremely popular social media platform, with over two billion users worldwide. For that reason, it makes it a very viable platform to market your company, whether that be through starting your own channel or running your own ads. But before you even touch the media giant, it’s important to understand what the platform’s users enjoy watching so that you may better tailor your content.


Here are four of the most popular Youtube channel genres.


Beauty and Make-Up


The beauty market is a prevalent genre among Youtube viewers, focusing mostly on make-up, skincare, and hair. It might consist of content tutorials, cover the latest products, or just about anything else you can imagine would be associated with the genre. Some of the most popular beauty YouTubers include Jeffreestar, Zoella, and Carli Bybel, among many others.




The gaming genre is insanely popular on YouTube, with thousands of different channels that revolve around the genre in one way or another. Some, such as Markiplier, Game Grumps, or JackSepticEye, record let’s plays in which they play a game and add commentary over it, often with their webcam in the corner. Others might offer retrospectives of games that explore a game’s lore, history, or merit within the gaming industry. There are also channels that simply offer speculation on upcoming games or offer tips for them.




Review channels can be very informative and sometimes entertaining, depending on that which is being reviewed. These types of channels may cover a variety of topics that they review or focus on a specific niche. For example, TheAngryJoeShow reviews several media sources, such as video games, movies, and television shows, but others might review household products, food, or technology, like Tech Reviews’ channel.


Health and Fitness


The fitness industry is bustling on YouTube, ranging from a wide variety of different formats. You might come across channels that are informative, provide lifting instructions, cover therapeutic techniques for getting back to the gym after something like bunionette surgery, how to lose weight, and more. Popular fitness channels include Krissy Cela, Brix Fitness, Athlean X, and tons more.


And Many More


These are some of the most popular channel genres on Youtube that you need to be aware of in order to properly market your business, but there are plenty of others, such as ASMR channels, prank channels, art channels, comedy channels, and more.

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