4 Major Life Functions That Are Improving With Online Technology

Online technologies have altered the rhythm and pace of our lives in all kinds of ways, and they’re only just beginning!

Consider the four major life functions below that online tech has changed already, and will likely continue to alter for the better, thanks to a steady influx of web-enabled innovations.

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1. Health care

Medical care has been ripe for major improvements for several decades. Due to recent political and economic upheavals, the need has only intensified.

Luckily, technological innovation is quickly responding. The challenge here will be to achieve uniformity of usage and a unified network of service in this very fragmented industry.

Regardless of the challenges ahead in finding uniform solutions for health care, innovation is absolutely going to continue, because it has to. Millions of Americans remain uninsured, and millions more who are insured can’t afford the co-payments for the unbelievably high cost of health care services.

Luckily, that means innovations have moved toward the interests of consumers, who are finding ways to take care of their own health, and becoming more informed and empowered in seeking and procuring quality health care.

2. Diet and wellness

Along a similar line as health-care innovation, and for much the same reasons, people are utilizing new technologies to take control of their health and wellness. Thanks to the fact that a majority of Americans now own smartphones, and nearly all the rest have Internet access, a new line of products has emerged to help people track their diet and exercise on devices that are convenient to them (smartphone, tablet, or computer).

As a result, citizens are more empowered than ever when it comes to understanding their own health and wellness. Various electronic gadget applications have increased people’s ability to connect with one another, so many of the apps enable group goals and peer support. This is a powerful and fun aspect of our new diet and exercise technologies!

3. Dating

Online dating used to have a lot of uncertainty and stigma attached to it, but the technologies have been proven and are badly needed for our busy and complicated lives.

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, which, in technical terms, means that the algorithm of traditional dating has been broken for quite some time!

It’s important to understand that not everyone who participates in online dating aspires to formal wedded status, but it’s nevertheless impressive that nearly one in five online daters do find a partner for marriage, and that their courtship progresses much faster than the typical offline relationship.

Clearly, online dating is changing how we meet people and how fast people marry. Only time will tell whether these effects will be positive and lasting, but one thing’s for sure: online dating is here to stay!

4. Employment

Recruiters and online job boards were once limited to specialized fields (especially in IT and tech industries). Now, however, whether you’re in a medical field or the music industry, Internet technologies have completely changed the way you find employment.

At a minimum, you’ll likely be emailing your resume and correspondence, but at the highest level of online recruiting technology, you might be contacted by a computer that scans your profile on social media sites such LinkedIn or other employment databases.

If you’re a busy doctor looking for a quality medical recruiting agency or you’re a busy tech professional, it’s a sure bet that your life and livelihood have been enhanced by online technologies. And like the other kinds of life changes, we can expect that the phenomenon is here to stay.


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