4 Flowers and Their Daily Usage for a Relaxed Life

Flowers are not only the element of beauty but also an important agent that can help you in leading a better life. Keeping it inside your home restores hope and makes you feel good with its fragrance. Here are some useful flowers and how you can use them in your daily life. Reap the benefits of flowers in Dubai and stay well.

Rose: It is the most favorite flower of the world. There are many varieties of roses across the world and they all are used mostly as a décor item. But one must not forget the use of rose in manufacturing varieties of body soaps, fragrances, and lotions. Rose water made form soaking its petals are used extensively as a beauty agent and also in cooking food and preparing mesmerizing drinks. Rose petals are widely used in tea also which must be consumed if you have some stomach related problem or in case you are depressed. Rose cream, a traditional English confectionary is a rose characterized fondant covered with chocolate and crowned with a crystallized rose petal.1

Jasmine: The soothing fragrance of Jasmine is just mind blowing. The smell has its own effect in healing the mind. When you are going for your meditation, keeping this fragrance nearby would make you calmer and cooler. Most of the flowers are used in making of soaps, perfumes, and creams and this is not an exception with Jasmine. Apart from all these, Jasmine is also widely used in tea form that relaxes the mind beautifully. If you had a bad day, consuming a cup of jasmine tea is must. Recent studies have revealed that jasmine can be used in treating cancer also.1

Sunflower: The bright big bloom is an energetic one – isn’t it? Just like the Sun, it shines brightly and has a variety of use. The first and foremost use is extraction of oil from its seeds that is used extensively as a cooking oil. This oil also helps in curbing certain type of skin diseases. In making lubricants and candles, sunflower oil is used widely. This oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, iron, nitrogen, and calcium and thus helps your physical growth. The sunflower petals are also edible and can be used in salads dressing while the stalk can be used in making papers and clothes. Apart from that the leaves of sunflower can also be used in treating fever, diarrhea, and lung ailments when prepared as a tea.1

Lavender: This is one of the very pretty flowers that florists in Dubai include into making bouquets and floral arrangements. The color of this flower is a pleasing one and thus forms a good gift. It is used in extracting oil that is further used in making perfumes, cosmetics, and balms. In preparing cakes, desserts, and salads, this flower is used. If someone has sleep related disorders or any anxiety issue, consuming lavender tea or bathing in water mixed in lavender oil would be beneficial.1

Instead all of these benefits and use a flower bouquet is the best thing to gift.

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