3 Ways to Get Started in the E-Cigarette Business

There has been a lot of talk about e-cigarettes in the past few years. In just a short time, they’ve found a place on the market, and we’re just starting to understand who is using e-cigarettes and learning more about their effects.

As more becomes known about them, now may be a good time for you to get into the e-cigarette business and make a profit from this new and interesting product.

Why choose e-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette gives a smoker the experience of a typical tobacco cigarette, but without burning paper, tobacco, and various unhealthy chemicals. E-cigarettes are being viewed as a safer, healthier alternative to tobacco, and in many ways that’s correct.

There are multiple studies and theories about the toxicity of e-cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes, and they pretty much show that e-cigarettes typically involve fewer chemicals.

An e-cigarette consists of a rechargeable battery, a vaporization chamber, and a filter. It has the look and feel of a normal cigarette, but you don’t have to light a flame. The first prototype for an e-cigarette came about in the 1960s, but they were not made widely available to consumers until around 2005.

Though they’ve only been on the market a short time, you’ll find that just about everyone has heard of them, and roughly 1 in 5 adults has actually tried one.

The only clear danger they pose is the idea that they are 100% safe to smoke, even though they still administer nicotine and are therefore habit-forming and even addictive. A lot of misconceptions survive about e-cigarettes, because they haven’t been on the market for very long.

There also hasn’t been sufficiently conclusive research done about them yet, although the studies that have been done of their effects and who smokes them indicate that they’re probably healthier and are rarely used by children and non-smokers.

Here are the three principles of how to sell e-cigarettes.

1. Know your audience

Studies have shown that e-cigarettes are often used as a tool to quit smoking entirely. Since they still administer nicotine, and fulfill the physical role of a cigarette, they’re essentially like using a nicotine patch.

Hardly any nonsmokers who have tried e-cigarettes have made a habit of smoking them. If you’re going to get into the business of selling e-cigarettes, realize that your audience is primarily smokers who are looking to quit, or at least want a more healthy alternative.

2. Promote through social media

There have been lots of recent articles and studies about e-cigarettes; sharing them through social media is a great way to show people why they should switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic.

Also, you are up against big vendors, so you want to find your audience and keep them engaged. Don’t just post about your specific product, but give people a reason to buy from you.

3. Sell a product you believe in

Even during their short time on the market, e-cigarettes have turned up in drug stores and outlet malls across the US, and found growing popularity in Europe. Finding electronic cigarettes isn’t a difficult task, so if you hope to be a successful vendor, you have to market your product well.

Get e-cigarettes that you know are high quality, and appeal intelligently to your audience. There are plenty of reasons people might make the switch to e-cigarettes; you just have to be there to tell them why.


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