3 Ways to Entice Higher Quality Talent to Your Job Opening

Higher Quality Talent

During the ongoing financial crisis, job seekers have been faced with a tough job market, with multiple applicants for every opening. In such an atmosphere, many companies are tempted to get lazy about their marketing efforts to attract new talent. However, there is a difference between attracting hordes of applicants and finding the very best candidates for the job. Even in a down market, top-tier workers are in short supply. 

Job Opening 3 Ways to Entice Higher Quality Talent to Your Job OpeningTo attract higher quality talent, your job finder listing must include more than bare-bones description of job duties and compensation. Would-be candidates must have a reason to want to work for you. Especially if your company is small or a startup venture, your job listing must convince risk-wary job seekers that your company has staying power.

Show off the Personality Behind Your Brand 

Top quality workers want to work for companies that are also at the top of their game. This doesn’t mean that only multimillion-dollar corporations have the chance to attract the best talent. In fact, many of the best workers are turned off by what they see as the faceless corporate persona of many large companies. Instead, by projecting your company’s unique, authentic personality, you signal to potential employees that they can express their own personalities and values through working for your company.

Provide a Flexible Work Environment 

Earlier in 2013, Internet giant Yahoo! created a firestorm with its announcement that it was ending its policy of allowing employees to work at home. Marissa Meyer, CEO of the troubled Internet company, felt that the change was necessary to engineer a turnaround for the company. However, Yahoo! is an exception, especially among companies in the information technology sector, where the trend is toward providing more flexibility for workers, not less.

Especially if you wish to attract younger workers or working parents to your company, offering a flexible work environment  is a must. Recognizing the desire among employees to strike a work-life balance will put you ahead of the game in attracting the best candidates. Among the viable options at your disposal are offering workers the opportunity to work at home part-time, providing the option for a four-day work schedule or providing  a generous paid time off package.   

State Salary and Benefits Up Front 

Many companies require job applicants to include their salaries along with their résumés or job applications. Other companies attempt to maneuver job candidates to state their desired compensation first during the final stages of the job interview process. Both practices tend to place downward pressure on salaries because many job seekers will lower their salary expectations in the hopes of seeming like a better bargain.

However, many top-level workers will refuse to engage in such practices. Instead, they will seek out companies that state their salary and benefits up front to avoid wasting their time interviewing with companies that will potentially make low-ball offers.  Let potential job applicants know what level of compensation that they can expect.  That said, it is completely acceptable to state a range for salary and benefits for a particular position.

Simon Morray has ample experience in recruitment. He enjoys writing about successful employee management from hiring practices to communications to expectations.

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