3 Things to Think About When Designing Food Packaging

The first thing food packaging must do is protect the food inside it. This primary function must be met in order to actually place the food product on sale. But there are many more things packaging can do for your food product. Food packaging acts as the first ambassador for your product and your brand – it draws people’s attention to your product, and it gives people important information about the food they are buying. Here are some things to consider when you are designing packaging for a food product.

1. Your Brand Identity

One of the first things you need to think about when designing food packaging is your overall brand identity. When you have a strong brand identity it is easier to let this shine in your food packaging. You should think about factors like your ideal customer, what your company stands for, who you are trying to attract in the supermarket, and what colours and images your company uses. Having a strong sense of brand identity will help you create retail packaging that works for your brand.

2. Form and Functionality

The design of food packaging needs to be a beneficial balance between form and function. You need to consider how the packaging or the custom boxes will look on the shelf but also how it will protect the product. There are various regulations surrounding package design for food. But you also need to consider aesthetic appeal; therefore there should be a good balance between the two when it comes to planning your design.

3. Price of Packaging

While packaging is very important, your overall budget is also important. You need to search out a cost-effective packaging solution that will meet your needs as well as be affordable. In many cases you will need bespoke packaging, and this may drive up the costs, but you will get exactly the packaging solution you need. Some of the factors that influence packaging cost include the materials you use and the design costs. Choosing innovative and modern packaging materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly may add some money to the overall cost. And design solutions vary in terms of price, depending on whether you need a full design job or you are working with a designer on some elements of the packaging.

Excellent food packaging helps to sell your product; there is no doubt about it. It is an important marketing tool and not just something that helps protect and contain a food product. Getting the design of your packaging right is an important step towards brand success.

Image: Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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