3 Things Every Safari User Must Know for 2018

Familiar to all Apple fans, Safari is the company’s answer to Chrome and Mozilla. Yet, though many people use it, only a few completely know their way around the browser.

2017 is ending, yet there are still things many users don’t know about their Safari. If you’re here to learn something new, you might want to check out these Safari gems:

1. Extensions

There are times that you forget that Safari is a browser, and a browser has extensions that can help you make searches more easily and efficiently. Here are a few Safari extensions that are free and easy to install.

  • VPN

That’s right! You can install a VPN extension for Safari. With Express VPN, you can access servers from 148 VPN locations in different countries, encrypt your connection, protect your data, and many more! It’s free to download. Just visit the Apple store.

  • Honey

Do you have a hard time shopping online because of all the shipping fees and costly items? The Honey extension for your Safari may be able to help you. Honey can find great deals and free shipping fees. It also automatically uses the best coupon you have upon checkout. It’s free and hassle-free.

  • UBlock

Tired of those YouTube ads that always pop up at the start or in the middle of a video? With the uBlock extension, you can watch all the videos you want without all those annoying ads. It blocks almost all annoying ads on YouTube. Just install it, add it as an extension on your Safari, and you’re good to go.

  • Safari Keyword Search

This extension is very useful when you need to look something up on a particular search engine. Safari Keyword Search enables you to make your searches using only a keyword. For example, if you want to search penguins on Wikipedia, you simply type in w penguins, and it will automatically direct you to the page.

2. Recovery Tabs

Do you feel frustrated when you are browsing on your Macbook, and you accidentally close a tab? Well, there’s a solution to that. With Safari’s Recovery Tab, you can restore recently closed tabs. Use the Recovery Tab shortcut by pressing Command + Shift + T.

3. Reader Mode

Having trouble reading a blog or a news article? This Safari feature is the right thing for you. Reader Mode enables you to easily read an article online. You can even change the font size and font style. To activate the Reader mode, tap the little icon with three lines on the upper left corner of the address bar. To change the font style and size in Reader mode, tap the icon on the upper right corner that shows a little capital A and a big capital A.

Final Thoughts

With extensions, recovery tabs, and reader mode, every Safari user is able to browse the internet hassle-free. If you want to be updated with the latest Safari features, check out the Apple store once in awhile.

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