3 best use cases which need to deploy a dedicated server

The hosting landscape offers access to a comprehensive server setting like dedicated servers, private servers, and cloud servers. When it is a matter of dedicated hosting and cloud computing for your app or website, people get confused.

Cloud servers get configured to offer performance, control, and security level just like a dedicated server. Instead of getting hosted on physical hardware for sole use, it resides in a shared virtual environment managed by the hosting provider. On the other hand, dedicated servers are available on rent or buy. Large organizations require exceptionally high data security levels or have a steady demand for the server’s capacity to choose a dedicated physical server.

 3 best use cases which need  to deploy a dedicated server

1) Virtual remote desktop

Remote Desktop Services [RDS] also known as Terminal Services [TS] allows us to connect 2 different computers from the clouds and thus help to increase productivity. For example, a field employee may need app access running in their office system or in branch offices with limited resources to need access to configured desktop then RDS is a great solution. With RDS, you achieve scalability, mobility, and robust performance with ease.

  • Saves time – RDS makes it easy to implement and manage things like the installation of OS, app, updates, and network connection on every connected computer, at once.
  • Low maintenance – Updating on the plethora of computers in an organization individually is a job. Nonetheless, with RDS everything gets implemented on the TS. Thus, changes are made simultaneously to every connected virtual machine.
  • Performance – RDS uses all available resources and evenly distributes it among multiple clients, thus offering optimal performance.
  • Low hardware failures – Flash drives rectify any problem. Even if there is a failure, the hosting provider replaces it and regains working with less downtime.

SIM-Networks offer the best dedicated servers for the virtual remote desktop at flexible pricing and customization feature. With the bare metal server, your business gets a chance to organize your website, projects, apps, and systems. There is no concern about accessibility, redundancy, and data security.

2) Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the option for large websites and corporations that need to deal with sensitive data and high traffic every day. Dedicated hosting will offer comprehensive customization, awesome bandwidth, and no server sharing. It will be dedicated to your business website ‘solely’.

  • Reliable & accessible –Unlike shared hosting, you pay the cost of slow speeds as space gets shared with many other websites. With a dedicated hosting plan, you will be exclusively using the available 100% resources. It offers more control on what to install on your site and even monitor server resources.
  • Better support & security – It doesn’t matter if you desire to reconfigure server settings, manage any other program or troubleshoot prickly issues. You get help 24/7, which is worth the cost. As you are not sharing the physical server space, they get stored under tight security, complete with features like climate control or break-in.

3) For developing & testing

App developers choose dedicated servers instead of cloud servers because of the following reasons.

  • Nice price-to-performance ratio – A dedicated server is expensive but offers a nice price-to-performance ratio for the high-load apps that demand resources. As all the resource is available to one-client, there is no competition for processing power or RAM like in shared cloud platforms.
  • Hardware insights – When app developers experience an issue with the performance of their application, they desire to get a hardware insight to identify the glitch. Is it caused on the server, by the network or in the coding? The cloud platform has multiple abstraction layers between hardware and cloud servers, which does not allow debugging the performance problem. Therefore, for developing and testing applications, the app developers consider a dedicated server.

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