3 Critical Success Factors For ERP Software Implementation

If you’re in the market for ERP software there’s certainly no shortage of options on the market. Though choice is a good thing it can often be overwhelming when it comes time to make your decision, and this can mean that businesses make the wrong choice.

ERP software should improve your business processes and allow you to make better informed decisions, but get it wrong and you could have a costly failure on your hands.

So what affects the success of your ERP software implementation? Although there are many factors at play, it comes down to 3 major critical factors:

  1. A Defined Strategy. Nothing will kill your ERP software implementation quicker than a poorly thought out strategy. Get things wrong at this stage and you can end up choosing the wrong platform for your needs. This can mean you’re left with a less than optimal end result, or the expense of having to start all over again. Take the time, and invest the money, to look at your current and future needs.
  2. Expert Support. A lot of ERP software is largely one size fits all, and so sometimes it can be a case of trying to fit your business to the system. Often this can be as much about the lack of local service providers as it is to do with the software. Choosing an ERP system that has a local vendor in your region can help you get the right tools for the job. Local partners will be able to assess your business needs and suggest the correct setup for you. They will also be on hand to aid with implementation and ongoing support.
  3. A Tailored Solution. As acknowledged above, many systems are not heavily customisable. But it is possible to find ERP software that can be tailored to the needs of your sector and business. This gives you better control, a stronger view of your situation with more relevant data and therefore a system that adds value to your business as opposed to frustrates staff and slows them down.

These three factors are essential to choosing the right ERP software and enjoying a successful implementation. Make them central to your decision making process and you’ll reap the benefits an ERP system can bring to your business as opposed to enduring an expensive disaster.

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