3 cool things you wouldn’t imagine people would buy for their bathroom

It is estimated that every second, there are over three thousand people in the US using the loo for number two. 400 toilet paper rolls are used per second, and the irony is that the average Joe visit the bathroom for about six to eight times a day, accounting for more than 2,500 times per year. 75% of the people who sit on the toilet for several minutes use their phone either to do a bit of browsing, check on their social media, or even have phone conversations.

Now that we’ve gotten all of this out of the way and seeing how it’s pretty self-explanatory that we spend a lot of our time in the bathroom, we can move on to the fun part of our article. Given that using the restroom either for your necessities or for your shower is time-consuming, the least thing you can do is spice up the design so that you feel more comfortable.

The ‘cool’ factor affects us all once in a while. You wouldn’t believe the types of gadgets we came across while doing our research. It seems that there are shower heads shaped like Darth Vader, toilet roll holders that look like medieval knights, and adjustable urinals that can get the hassle of leaving the toilet seat up out of the way. We’ve collected three of the things that you wouldn’t believe people install in their bathrooms. It’s one thing to go for a new cool bathroom faucet, but it’s another to blow dry your hair with a hair dryer designed like a revolver.

  1. Photoluminescent tiles

Lucedentro makes photoluminescent tiles for every type of person, bathroom, and ambient. Some of the brand’s projects were used for gardens, public alleyways, as well as parks. Other common uses include spas and wellness centers, where such tiles might actually make an impression. Whether they look cool or not remains a matter of debate. Some people might, in fact, think they’re creepy.

  1. Isolation tanks

Flotation has been used as alternative medicine ever since the mid-sixties when it was developed by John C. Lilly. While the body health benefits of the practice are yet to be proven, its positive outcomes on the human mind seem to be endless. Nowadays, isolation tanks are considerably popular in Europe than they are in the United States. A low-end model can cost about ten thousand while a session can be as expensive as fifty to seventy. It’s pretty clear why not all people have an isolation tank in their bathroom.

  1. Fish tank sinks

If you like looking at something while you’re tending to your business on the toilet, it’s very likely that you’re going to like owning a fish tank sink. Bonanza comes with two components at the top of the tank that you can use to feed your fish. One thing’s for sure, this aquarium sink looks amazing. However, the health and safety of the fish might not be up to par since we didn’t see any means of adapting a filter to this type of sink.

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