10 Energy Effective Recommendations to Heat Your Household This Wintertime

1-    Insulate your roof and walls before we get into the coldest part of winter. The areas that need to be insulated will be easy to notice now that it is starting to get colder. Windows and the roof are responsible for over half of heat loss in your house.



2-    Now that the weather is starting to get colder, you should seal any drafts. Covering your drafts will mean that you will not need to turn the central heating up. Windows are a typical place for drafts to occur. Using draft excluders will help you to save energy. The heat will then be unable to escape under doors.


3-    You can save money and protect the environment by using a chimney balloon. The main draft in your house is the chimney, so this will also prevent cold air from entering your home. Greenhouse gases are created from fossil fuels you burn on your fireplace, so it’s bad for the environment.


4-    A broken boiler is the last thing you want, when your heating needs to be switched on. So before we get into the depths of winter, you should fix and problem. Therefore, it’s important to examine your boiler, ideally in autumn.


5-    Many homes have caught fire from people placing furniture too close to the fireplace. Sources of heat are not ideal places to place furniture next to. Also, the room won’t be able to insulate correctly as the furniture will be blocking the heat. So don’t move your furniture next to the fireplace on cold winter nights.


6-    Keep the curtains closed to stop the cold from getting into your house on cold winter nights. Thermal curtains are now available to buy. Your home will be kept warm as they have an extra padding to keep the cold out. Open your curtains during the day so natural sunlight can heat your home.


7-    14% of your energy is wasted from heating your home when you’re not there. Set the timer on the boiler to turn the heating on about half an hour before you return home. Also, you should turn the heating off while you’re sleeping as you don’t feel the cold as much.


8-    Your heating and water bills can be reduced by using water-efficient products. The water supply in your home is heated through your boiler. So by using less water you will automatically use less energy.


9-    Place foil behind your radiator and reflect the heat back into your room. DIY stores such as Wickes have designed foil especially for this purpose. The walls are responsible for about 33% of heat loss in your home.


10-  There are many environmentally friendly alternatives to heating oil available now from numerous oil suppliers. When you’re looking for heating oil, look for oil that is energy efficient. They use less energy and are better for your boiler. Speedy Fuels presently provide this kind of central heating oil called Carbon clean kerosene.


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